SEG 17 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 09:13hs.
In Stockholm

R. Franco Digital contributes its expertise in Sweden’s Industry Day

The digital division of Grupo R. Franco presented its global solution for gaming operators at the Industry Day Regulator Insight held in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 4th at a crucial time for the industry in this country. 'Sweden is experiencing a historic moment where choosing the best partner will be the key to success,' said Zuzanna Pilasewicz, firm’s Business Developer.

Currently, the Swedish State has a monopoly of online and offline casino activity without penalizing web activity by third parties, so the regulated activities coexist with others that are in a legal limbo.

The State wants to change this situation and in a few months is expected to begin to grant licenses to operators that meet certain guarantees.

As a prelude to this regulatory change, it was held this “Industry Day”, an intense conference that brought together the main regulators, operators, experts and investors interested in carrying out activities in the Swedish market, and to which R. Franco Digital could not be absent.

Zuzanna Pilasewicz, Business Developer of R. Franco Digital, participant in one of the talks, declared: "Sweden is living a historic moment where choosing the best partner is going to be the key to success".

"In R. Franco Digital we have the necessary expertise to help operators to enter regulated markets in a short time to market, minimizing risk and with maximum guarantees," Pilasewicz concluded.

For companies with a long history in the sector at an international level such as R. Franco Digital, the regulation of the online gaming sector in Sweden undoubtedly represents another opportunity to export a tested, flexible, scalable and rapid infrastructure model to be implemented.

Source: GMB