SÁB 4 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2021 - 19:56hs.
New simple and intuitive portal

CAIXA launches Online Lottery Portal, new digital betting platform

CAIXA's estimate is that the new portal could leverage 3% of the lottery's revenue in 2018, which also leads to higher prizes. The bettor can play in all modalities, except Loteria Federal, which needs the presence in a lottery store. 'The new service benefits bettors, lottery players and the general population,' said Nelson de Souza, president of CAIXA.

CAIXA launches last Friday (10) a new betting portal of lottery games on the internet, named Online Lottery. To bet, it is necessary to be over 18 years old, to make a simple registration and to have a credit card of the main brands (Elo, Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Hipercard). The new platform will operate 24 hours a day and its main objective is to offer more convenience to the bettor of the CAIXA Lotteries.

"The goal of the portal is to offer more convenience in a channel aligned with people's activities," said Gilson Braga, national superintendent of CAIXA Lotteries. The proposal is to give solutions to a new audience, which does not attend the lottery for various reasons, such as time, distance; besides serving those who have the Internet as the main channel for shopping and banking services.

"We want to reach a younger audience, from the generations Y and Z, the so-called Millenials. It's an audience that is totally included in the digital world and will not go a lottery store to bet or pay their bills," says Gilson. Lotteries should also benefit from this new audience, as they will receive part of the sales revenue via the portal.

Research commissioned by CAIXA pointed out that lottery customers have an average of 50 years. It is also expected to increase the demand of women, who represent only 15.5% of the lottery public, but who account for 50.5% of the consumer market for national electronic commerce.

CAIXA's forecast is that in the first year of the OnLine Lotteries the portal generates a 3% increase in the total volume of bets. "The new service benefits bettors, lottery players and the general population," said Nelson de Souza, president of CAIXA. "The collection and the prizes offered will increase, motivating the bettors to carry out more games. Consequently, it also increases the transfer of the Lotteries to important sectors of society," he points out.


The portal is simple, intuitive and accessible on any computer or smartphone. After registering with personal data and agreeing to the term of joining the service, clientes have to simply select the numbers or guesses on the virtual flyers and insert in the betting cart.

The bettor can play in all modalities, except Loteria Federal, which needs the presence in a lottery store. There is also no marketing of local game “bolão”, which remains exclusive of lottery. All bets are linked to the CPF of the register, thus, it is not possible to play for another person.

The minimum value to make a purchase is R$ 30 (US$ 7.75) and the maximum limited to R$ 500 (US$ 130) per day. Payment of bets is made by credit card and processed by Mercado Pago payment system, which increases the security of the transaction.

The famous locals “Surpresinha” e “Teimosinha” are also available in the Online Lotteries. The novelty is due to the "Complete the Game" options, to choose some numbers and let the system choose the others, and "Save as favorite", to be able to use the same numbers in future accesses.

The portal also offers the convenience of online conferencing. Just click on the bet and the system identifies whether the numbers were drawn or not. If so, it is possible to see the amount of the prize money and the available channels for receiving the prize. A redemption code will be generated and must be presented at the place where the prize will be withdrawn along with the entry of the CPF number. Only the CPF holder or a solicitor can withdraw the prize.

Source: GMB