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North American Regulator's Roundtable

GLI highlights presentation of Alexandre Manoel on sports betting and Lotex

The GLI's North American Regulators Roundtable 2019 was held in Las Vegas with important participation from the Brazilian government. Alexandre Manoel, Secretary of Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery of the Ministry of Economy, gave an exhibition on the status of sports betting and the Lotex concession process. “We are very excited for what is yet to come for Brazil”, said Karen Marcela Sierra-Hughes, GLI’s Latam and Caribbean Government Relations and Business Development.

During the first day of the event at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, Manoel provided a detailed overview through a two-screen presentation centered on the current state of sports betting regulation in Brazil as well as an update on the Lotex instant lottery bid process. Both topics were very relevant to the audience as the roundtable is only attended by gaming regulators and government lotteries.

Along with Manoel, there was also Waldir Marques (Co-ordinator-General of Lottery) and Altair Mendanha (Co-ordinator of the Secretary) representing the Brazilian government at GLI's North American Regulator's Roundtable. After the presentation, both were consulted in repeated opportunities by the assistants, interested in knowing more about the situation of the gaming sector in Brazil and the future regulation of the bets.



“The US is going through an important legislative development process driven by sports betting regulation in many States, and the information shared by Alexandre on their plans for regulation, expectations for the industry and what it means for the Brazil economy, was very well received, and it build up and complement to our agenda content”, said Karen Sierra Hughes.

GLI also had the opportunity to meet with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The meeting included the Investigation, Audit, Enforcement and Technology Division and they were also introduced to the Chairwoman of the Board, Mrs. Sandra Douglas Morgan.

“The fact that the Brazil government is looking to learn directly from their peer regulators and leverage from the global experience to determine the best regulatory and licensing model for Brazil, provides confidence for the future success of the industry. We look forward to continue to support their efforts and we are very excited for what is yet to come for Brazil”, concluded Karen.



Panel discussion topics addressed the most relevant issues in today’s gaming landscape and included omni channel convergence, operational impacts, sports betting, and the top 10 technologies that now affect or will soon affect gaming.

Away from the panel discussions, breakout workshops presented attendees with intimate settings to gain first-hand knowledge on crucial topics including cyber security frameworks, esports, forensic investigations, mobile in Class II gaming, modernization projects, and sports betting/event wagering.

Additionally, an Innovation Room provided attendees with close-up looks and hands-on experiences with new and emerging technologies, systems, and games from a range of suppliers and from future industry innovators from UNLV.

The Roundtable was presented by GLI University and is, said the firm, known worldwide as the largest educational and networking event of its kind for gaming and lottery industry regulators. It draws hundreds of attendees from across the industry spectrum and from all corners of North America and the world and provides discussion on provocative, industry-driven topics.

Source: GMB