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Valter Delfraro Jr. - Business development and government relations

“GLI wants to help build a solid market in Brazil”

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), one of the main global gaming certification laboratories, is attentive to the directions of sports betting regulation in Brazil and participated in recente BFEXPO 2022. Talking to GMB, Valter Delfraro Jr., firm’s business development and government relations, said that the company has always been available to the country “to contribute to good regulation, to build a solid market and to guarantee the player a fair and responsible game.”

Gaming Laboratories International has always been very close to the Brazilian government offering all its expertise, especially in recent years when the regulation of sports betting has been discussed. In an exclusive conversation with the GMB, Valter Delfraro Jr., executive in the area of business development and government relations, said that GLI has always played a very strong role in transmitting knowledge and information about sports betting to the country.

GMB – We are at a football fair discussing sports betting. How do you see this market on the eve of regulation?
Valter Delfraro Jr.
– Our expectation is the same as the market, that this comes out soon and that it brings all the security that the market needs and deserves. It is an activity that in Brazil is huge and surpasses all the types of games that Caixa Econômica Federal offers. So, what we can expect is that it comes out soon and very well founded. On our side, GLI, we have tried to clarify and show how other markets in Latin America and even in other parts of the world work. And for game operators and developers, the importance of having their products certified. Let them start this certification process early, as they will be one step ahead.

GLI provided a lot of input and knowledge during the process of preparing all the documentation that deals with the regulation, is that right?
GLI has always had a very strong participaiton. I've been with the company for a year, but our vice president Karen Sierra and Georges Didier, our director, have always had a very close relationship and were very active in the market, providing information and advice. This knowledge, as you said, GLI is more than 33 years old. It is the only laboratory that is present in all jurisdictions where gambling is regulated and has a wide experience, with integrated services. What we can and where we are needed, we are Always available to contribute.

And even more, with technical standards that bear the name GLI, such as the GLI-19, which is an example and a reference for the entire gaming sector...
Exactly. And in the case of sports betting, the GLI-33 is the standard recommended and used by several jurisdictions. They bear our name even though they are all public and are on our website to be downloaded by anyone – regulator, operator or game developer. They are available for everyone to understand. They bear our name because they are based on our experience. It was written by experienced professionals at GLI.

And an international GLI accreditation has the force of law...
Yes, thanks for mentioning this. GLI is a highly regarded and accepted laboratory in all jurisdictions. This is the result of our work in partnership and seeking to help. We say that we are more than a service provider, we are a partner. We want to be together, build and help to have a solid market and, on the other hand, make life easier for the operator and the game provider to guarantee the player a fair, responsible game and that when he see the certification seal he has the confidence to feel sure that he will be able to play well supported.

Source: Exclusive GMB