MAR 30 DE MAYO DE 2023 - 06:07hs.
Rodrigo Gomes Simões, Co-Creator and Director

Ciclistas do Brasil entity asks bookmakers to work on marketing the sport with sponsorships

Rodrigo Gomes Simões, Co-Creator and Director of Ciclistas do Brasil Eventos Esportivos, wrote a special column asking bookmakers to sponsor other sports in addition to football. “Isn't it time for bookmakers in Brazil to start working with Marketing on Cycling? This niche sport has a consumer with the highest average consumption ticket among all sports,” explains Gomes Simões.

Sports Betting x Brazilian Sport – Which is the Path?

What a FRUIT SALAD, isn't it?

ALL Brazilian Men's Serie A Football Clubs, and some Serie B teams, already have the name of a Bookmaker on their uniforms as one of their main sponsors.

EVERY football match, we see on TV or locally more than 5 brands, jostling for space around the pitch.

And all this, because they are in dispute for the attention of their public, to sell accesses and bets. A universe, which I have no way of measuring, only that I have read and heard, which in 2023 is moving something around R$ 8 BILLION in Brazil.

With that, the federal government, which is not a fool, is thinking of creating legislation on sports betting, in order to try to moralize, control and try to prevent fraud.

Everything ok until then.

Now I ask:

Only football, do bookmakers live? Cycling, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Athletics, Hockey, Rugby Surf, among others, aren't they good business too?

I know that in Brazil, access to football is huge, but current research shows that the love of football has decreased a lot. And that today less than 70% of Brazilians say that they follow Football directly or indirectly. Okay, what about the other 30%? (+- 66m people)

I'm talking about Cycling, which I know well, and I know that more than most Cyclists who today are around 9,000,000 practitioners in Brazil in competition and/or leisure, who tend NOT to follow football, just the cycling.

So then I ask: Isn't it time for the Bookmakers in Brazil to start working Marketing on top of Cycling. This niche sport has a consumer with the highest average consumption ticket among all sports.

Ciclistas do Brasil knows the way and we have projects ready to develop and increase access to sites related to Cycling. Giro, Tour and Vuelta which is less than 2 months away.

Some betting houses already have in their systems available the bet on Cycling but without ANY form of communication to the public.

What is your opinion? Is there room for other sports?


Rodrigo Gomes Simões
Co-Creator and Director of Ciclistas do Brasil Eventos Esportivos (@ciclistas_do_brasil). Founder and creator of the Binational Cycling Tour (the only international sporting event besides football in Brazil in 2021).