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PLS 186/2014

MPF calls for rejection of gaming legalization project in Brazil

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) is against the legalization of gambling in Brazil. The demonstration was presented in a technical note from the Secretariat for Institutional Relations (SRI), which reiterated its opposition to the regulation of gaming bill (PLS 186/2014), which is being processed by the Federal Senate Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ).

According to the study, the proposal does not provide for efficient enforcement mechanisms and would still facilitate the use of the money laundering activity. The technical note is signed by the secretary of Institutional Relations of the MPF, sub-attorney general of the Republic Carlos Alberto Vilhena. According to him, Senator Ciro Nogueira's bill (PP / PI) "does not create mechanisms for effective control of money laundering and tax evasion."

The very bodies that would be entrusted with the control of gambling have publicly expressed the impossibility of supervising these activities, as foreseen in the Senate text. During a discussion on a similar project in 2007, officials from the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf), the Federal Revenue Service and the Ministry of Finance concluded that Brazil is not structurally and technically prepared to reduce the risks of the activity, nor to carry out effective control about it.

"It is verified that the enormous amount of bingos and casinos whose opening is stimulated by the PLS 186/2014 is in obvious disassociation with the reality of the national control bodies, even if these were endowed with a structure of inspection of first world", alerts to technical note from the Secretariat of Institutional Relations.

Finally, the MPF concludes that "the arguments brought by the author of the project and the author of the substitute do not allow us to conclude that legalization of gambling is the best way out for society." In the technical note the MPF reaffirms the serious risks to society and the position of the institution contrary to the approval of the bill.

Source: GMB / MS Noticias