QUI 13 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 17:13hs.
Unusual decision

Betfair will pay Lionel Messi's ghost goal

Betfair betting house informed that it will pay fans who bet on Batcelona’s win against Valencia last Sunday, although the match ended tied to one because neither the referee nor the line gave as valid a “ghost goal” scored by the Argentine Lionel Messi.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper El País, in a statement, the bookmaker confirmed that it considers valid the goal of the Argentine, who should have risen on the scoreboard since the ball, which had escaped the goalkeeper Neto, passed the line of goal.

"Betfair, in a gesture of goodwill and justice with its customers, not only pay benefits to those who bet on the tie, but also will receive their prize those who bet on the victory of Barcelona," says the release.

In addition, Betfair will also pay the prize to all users who bet that Messi would make the first goal of the match and that would score at any time of the it. While also accept the bets that trusted Rodrigo, scorer of the goal of Valencia, as the first goal in the game.

The decision has been widely applauded in social networks, where complaints about the arbitration of the meeting are still arising.

Source: GMB