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With the proximity of the gaming law

Brazilians already take regulation on casino courses in Nevada

A select group of Brazilians was accepted by the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) to participate in the course on Fundamentals of Casino Regulation during the month of December 2017. The group of students is formed by lawyers, researchers representing related entities to the gaming sector and even members of the board of football clubs.

The course is part of the initiatives of the International Center for the Regulation of Gaming of UNLV (ICGR - https://www.unlv.edu/icgr/about), which collaborates with educational institutions around the world with academic and scientific independence.

Among the Brazilian students were Otavio Cunha, an economist and researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, who has had a laboratory of ludology for years and recently structured cooperation for the creation of the Brazilian Institute of Games.

The ones accepted by the UNLV were: lawyers Max Fontes and Marcus Fontes, founders of the Brazilian Games Institute and members of the Harvard Law School Association of Brazil; José Renato Ferreira, consultant and responsible for several gaming ventures throughout South America and former President of the Association of Bingo and Similar Administrators of the State of Rio de Janeiro; and Vantuil Gonçalves Jr, a lawyer specializing in Corporate and Sport Law, who was a Member of the Economic and Social Development Council of the Presidency of the Federative Republic of Brazil and Legal Director of the Botafogo Football and Regattas club.

Economist Edson Americo and attorney Pedro Trengrouse, who already have an established cooperation agreement to develop initiatives with ICGR in Brazil, were also in Las Vegas for several work meetings and were invited to attend some classes, since they have already had the opportunity to attend in previous years.


It's worth to remember that members of the staff of the Ministry of Finance participated in the training course “Strategic Prospects in the Gaming Industry and Fundamentals and Regulation of the Gaming Law” promoted by the University of Nevada at the beginning of August. Among the points addressed were strategic vision, player reinvestment and marketing impact on revenues and expenses.

The officials sent to Las Vegas for the training were the undersecretary of Fiscal Governance and Lottery Regulation, Alexandre Manoel Angelo da Silva; the General Coordinator for Governance of Prizes and Drawings, Waldir Eustáquio Marques Júnior; and the SEAE technician, Itamar de Carvalho Pereira. In addition to the members of the Ministry of Finance, the Vice President of Government Funds and Lotteries of the Caixa Econômica Federal, Deusdina dos Reis Pereira, was also present.

The content of the course aims to identify the main indicators used in the analysis of the business scenario and the evaluation of the markets, evaluate market penetration and expenditure per customer, and illustrate the impact of marketing on revenues and expenses.

The key points addressed by the course were:

  • Viability studies
  • Components of a strategic vision
  • Leveraging customer data analysis
  • Player reinvestment
  • Operational analysis
  • Market fluctuations
  • Maximize database utilization

The renowned course is recommended for finance department principals, general managers, department managers and principals, financial personnel, accounting staff, commissioners of games and controllers.

Source: GMB

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