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Argentina’s Misionbet gambling website relaunches January 15

This week, the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos of the State Society (IPLyC) in the Argentine province of Misiones confirmed that its pioneering Misionbet gambling site would reopen to the public next Monday, January 15. The relaunch was confirmed by new IPLyC president, Héctor Rojas Decut.

The state-sponsored Misionbet launched in 2015, offering sports betting, casino and poker games to the province’s 1.1 million residents. However, the site was taken offline last May after a Buenos Aires prosecutor accused the site of overstepping its mandate by taking wagers from punters located outside its provincial borders.

In December, a Buenos Aires court ruled that the site could relaunch provided it employed geo-blocking technology to ensure its customer base consisted solely of punters residing within Misiones.

Next week’s relaunch was confirmed by Héctor Rojas Decut, who was appointed as the new IPLyC president last month. Rojas Decut described his mandate as growing the IPLyC’s revenue while observing its social responsibility obligations.

On December 29, the Argentine government approved sweeping tax reforms that required internationally licensed online gambling operators to pay 21% value added tax (VAT) on revenue derived from Argentine punters. The new rules lump online gambling operators under the category of ‘digital services’ subject to the VAT requirements, such as streaming music or video sites.

Source:  GMB / Calvin Ayre