SEG 17 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 09:14hs.
For Bill-to-Bill and MFL

SuzoHapp receives product approvals from the European Central Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) has approved two products in the SuzoHapp range: the Bill-to-Bill banknote recycler and the MFL banknote validator. Both successfully passed the latest testing process in December 2017.

The ECB is focused on the fight against counterfeiting through law enforcement, technical analysis and judicial cooperation, stressing the importance of installing only acceptance and control systems certified annually on every piece of equipment. The ECB regularly tests banknote equipment with a selection of the counterfeits most frequently seen in circulation, and publishes a list of machines and devices that have passed the test in order to help cash handlers and retailers choose a device to support them in authenticating Euro banknotes.

SuzoHapp ensures excellent banknote acceptance and optimal fraud note rejection. “Security plays an essential role for us and we are proud to have comfortably passed the ECB test with 100 per cent of genuine Euro banknotes correctly identified,” stated Wilbert Bieleman, President & Managing Director EMEA.

The ECB has acknowledged the security of both products for their ability to recognise genuine banknotes and reject counterfeits. “This result confirms once again the maximum reliability we offer in our banknote validating and recycling solutions,” concluded Bieleman.

Source: GMB / G3 Newswire