DOM 16 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 16:54hs.
US$ 92.55 million

Biggest prize in the history of lotteries in Brazil had 17 winners

Mega-Sena da Virada had 17 winners, who will share US$ 92.55 million, the biggest prize in the history of lotteries in the country. The lucky numbers were 03 - 06 - 10 - 17 - 34 - 37. Each winning bet will receive US$ 5.45 million. Two of them were in the “bolão” modality, one of 22 quotas, in Belém (PA), and another one of five quotas, in Rio Azul (PR). In the first, each participant will receive US$ 247 thousand, and in the second the amount will be US$ 1.1 million per person.

17 bets hit the six numbers of Mega of Virada 2017 and will share the prize of US$ 92.55 million of contest 2,000 of the Mega-Sena. Two winners were from Minas Gerais, Carmo do Cajuru and Contagem; three from Bahia, Urucuca, Prado and Cruz das Almas; two from Paraná, São João do Triunfo and Rio Azul; two from Rio de Janeiro, Seropedica and Rio de Janeiro; one from Belém (PA); one from Brusque (SC) and six from São Paulo (SP). Each will receive US$ 5.444.660. The lucky numbers were 06, 37, 34, 10, 03 and 17.

The bet of Belém (PA) was made in a 22-point boll, which will guarantee more than US$ 247 thousand for each participant. Already the bet of Rio Azul (PR), was a five-point boll. Each participant will receive more than US$ 1.1 million. Another 4,862 bets hit five numbers and will carry US$ 3,188.

Since October 30, Mega of Virada 2017 has sold over 70 million tickets nationwide, totaling approximately 250 million bets. The collection was US$ 269 million. The prize of US$ 92.55m surpasses by almost US$ 26m the amount paid last year and breaks the record of Mega of Virada of 2014, which paid US$ 79.5m.

Source: GMB