DOM 16 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 16:54hs.
PLS 186/2017

Brazilian gaming legalization to be in Congress’ agenda in 2018

Even in the middle of the summer recess, Brazilian deputies and senators have articulated the guidelines for voting in 2018. It will be a shorter parliamentary year due to national elections and the football World Cup. That is why politicians want to solve the most complex issues early in the year. In addition to the pension reform, which should be voted on early in February, another issue has attracted attention: the legalization of gambling, according to specialist lawyer Jaques Reolon.

“The reason for this change on how gaming is seen in the country would be the money that could bolster the government coffers. The estimated amount raised would be somewhere between US$ 3.65 to US$ 5.45 billion per year in taxes. This money, according to governors, would be used to finance actions of public security and fight against violence. Many Brazilians already use foreign gaming sites, which do not pay any taxes to the local government.

The project of Senator Ciro Nogueira - PLS 186/2017 - had a favorable report from Senator Benedito de Lira. The report authorizes legalization of jogo do bicho, bingo, video-bingo, sports and non-sports bettings, online gaming and casinos on integrated leisure complexes. It is expected, however, that the proposal faces strong opposition, mainly by members of the Public Prosecutor's Office, who claim that gambling is widely used as a money laundering tool.
The concern with the use of gambling to launder money is old and has always been the main barrier to legalization in Brazil. This time there are strong indications that the proposal will gain momentum and advance. The fact is that many countries in the world have already experienced a similar situation and succeeded in implementing it successfully. For this, it is enough that there is a constant and committed inspection by the public power. In this context, the performance of the Public Prosecution Service is key as the supervision exercised by the regulatory agencies.
The liberation of betting sites and online and physical casinos can bring many benefits to the country. First, because of the large volume of funds raised, this money will strengthen the cash for municipalities, states and the Union for destination in critical areas. Second, because casinos have already proved to be a magnet for foreign investment and job creation. And thirdly because these complexes can contribute enormously to regional development. Just take the example of Las Vegas, an American city that is located in the middle of a desert, in an area that previously had no tourist attraction, but which today attracts people from all over the world.”

Source: GMB / Alveni Lisboa