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Large sector development

Casinos and the future of tourism

Is it now that the casinos will be allowed again in Brazil? The question remains in the air, and even with some delays in relation to the deadlines, there seems to be a general consensus that the 1946 ban will finally be lifted. In addition to tax revenue, the release of gaming could mean a major development of the tourism industry.

We have learned from the media that the Federal Government (especially the Ministry of Finance) technicians have been visiting major international gambling fairs and trade shows. It is certainly a sign, among many others, that we are moving towards responsible regulation.

Ban: Ineffective way of regulating gambling

There are a thousand factors recommending a different approach to the gaming problem, or to the social problems caused by the activity, if you will. First of all, the existence of the internet, something that seemed to be science fiction in 1946. Today, millions of Brazilians can access online casino websites and play on their virtual machines.

They make deposits and raise prizes from their computer or cell phones, as if they were in Las Vegas. But they are not - those outside the Brazilian territory are the companies that operate these sites. And it can not be said that this is a great risk, associated with piracy, hacking or "dark web"; the largest online casinos are based in countries with strict regulation of their activity, such as Malta, member country of the European Union.

But that's just the latest factor. Gamblers have long been able to catch a cruise ship that sails out of Brazilian territorial waters and, as soon as it arrives there, opens the doors of its casinos. Even easier to travel to Puerto Iguazú, Ciudad del Este or even Punta del Este, where casinos have been working for many years waiting for Brazilian players unable to bet in their country.

In recent times, only a few Islam countries, Brazil and Cuba were "trapped" in a time when prohibition was the only way to manage the phenomenon of gambling. There are, for example, electronic, data-control and other ways to limit the access of addicted gamblers to physical casinos.

Gaming as a factor of tourism development

In addition to tax revenue, the release of the activity could mean a major development of the tourism industry. Not only the national players who travel abroad can stay in Brazil, but the tourist potential of our cities will be strengthened. Studies developed over the last decade indicate that in Santa Catarina alone, it could have up to 1 million more visitors per year with the opening of a casino.

It is not yet known exactly whether Santa Catarina could receive more than one casino, although it certainly had more than one candidate ready to manage this infrastructure. The resort Costão do Santinho is one of them. But you'll have to wait for the final details of the bill ... if it's really approved!

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