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Jorge Escobar, business partner of Espaço Real da Sorte

"We are a channel for good people to collaborate with charity entities"

(Exclusive GMB) - Inaugurated last December 22nd in São Paulo, Espaço Real da Sorte is an entertainment house focused on hosting events, including bingos, promoted by philanthropic entities with the objective of maintaining and expanding their activities. In an exclusive interview with GMB, Jorge Escobar, one of the partners of the venue, talks about the opening, the guarantees to carry out charitable bingos, the structure and the goals of the new place.

GMB - What is and how will Espaço Real da Sorte work?
Jorge Escobar
- In reality what we did was inaugurate an event center; a space to hold events of all kind. What is Espaço Real da Sorte? It is a project that aims to create several halls for events of all kinds, in particular, those ones aimed at philanthropic entities that have charitable purposes, of benefit to society.

How will be the partnerships between the house and the entities that will hold their events?
The Espaço Real da Sorte creates the space, the entities come and carry out their activities within our venue. These entities go through a triage where they qualify and select them so that they have the right to organize the events. They go through a screening where we see if the social objectives of the entity are achievable if they already have done similar works if they turn everything they collect for the activity and thus they are enabled to use the space. The point is that all this is very formal and that the entities to which they will benefit are really serious.

Are charity bingos the main events you expect entities to perform? What are the guarantees that these events will not generate problems?
By law 8304, entities have the possibility of raising funds to support themselves through lotteries. Entities use this law to carry out this activity. We, like any house of events, rent the space to those who have the right to do something. If the entity has the judicial party up to date, the social objectives are concrete, it has activity, then qualifies and is empowered to organize the event they want.

Is there any special cause for which Espaço Real da Sorte has more connection within the activities that entities that rent the space?
In fact, we have a slogan that says: "The smile of a child is our greatest joy." So, Espaço Real da Sorte is open to all entities without distinction, they only have to accomplish these requirements: to be a serious entity, to have a laudable purpose, to concretize what they promise, and to have judicial authorization; there it is open to all entities. But in particular, we would very much like entities to work with children, because we as entrepreneurs think that this is the future of the world, that it is the future that we have to take care of and help.

Tell us about the structure of Espaço Real da Sorte. What does it offer?
The space has a restaurant area, of very high standard, with an Italian-Brazilian offer; because the space works as a restaurant too. We have an impressive menu of Italo-Brazilian foods, wines, drinks in the bar, a unique coffee bar in Brazil that everyone should know, a place where you can come to hear good music, a show, have coffee or have a drink. We also have expert bartenders that prepare all kind of drinks. The space also has several modalities of attractions that will be presented over time and as they are being enabled because it is still very new and has been fully completed. The venue is a very large space with capacity for 600,700 people, comfortably seated, cooled with a unique audio and video system in Brazil. We have a system that allows everyone who will carry out their events to shoot everything in Full HD and be able to transmit internally. Everything that is performed and filmed here is transmitted internally through a closed circuit television and an internal channel that is the o Canal da Sorte.

In terms of job creation, how many jobs will Espaço Real da Sorte create and how will they be filled?
I can speak today about Casas Taiguara, that was the first entity that rented the place. They are hiring 120 people for the restaurant area and 160 people for the salon attendance area for the draws, so at the inauguration we have about 250,300 people working here. We also have our own staff in case any entity wants to space with staff. In Espaço Real da Sorte will be working legally 300 people approximately.

Finally, tell us a bit about the house's business prospects and what goals do do hope to achieve?
The main fruit of Real da Sorte space is undoubtedly being a channel for good people to collaborate with entities. When they come, people automatically become collaborators of the Casas Taiguara, in this case. People automatically acquire, almost, the paternity of projects for the neediest. If the people who come to Espaço Real da Sorte are able to perform their donation they will be helping all these children and we, as entrepreneurs, will be making a certain and true bet.

Source: GMB Exclusive


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