TER 11 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 10:32hs.
Sergio Ricardo de Almeida, LOTERJ’s president

"Having a gaming legalization, Brazil will take the center stage"

The President of the Lottery if Rio do Janeiro (LOTERJ), Sergio Ricardo de Almeida is in Las Vegas participating in G2E 2018at the Sands Expo. During his visit to the more than 400 stands of the fair, he talked to GMB about the event, and the expectations for the Brazilian gaming market that after legalization can “take center stage” due to its size, population and tourism potential.

During the conversation with GMB, Sergio Ricardo de Almeida, spoke about his impressions of the traditional Las Vegas exhibition, one of the biggest and most important in the world, highlighting the investment of the exhibitors in technology.

"The event is absolutely impressive not only by the number of people, more than 25 thousand circulating during these three days of the event, but by the amount of exhibitors, more than 400. They present all kinds of technological solutions, machinery, of games using the most modern in technology, in lights, super comfortable chairs. This is a giant industry, it is the whole world with more than 100 countries represented here."

The president of Loterj did not hide the frustration that Brazil is still behind schedule and not part of the market, but he is also confident and said that the country will soon be one of the biggest markets in the world in terms of gaming.

"It gives us a bit of frustration to see that we are so behind other countries in this economic activity that it is gaming. We have to wait now for the upcoming months, in which there can be a really legalization of the activity, that will make that Brazil takes center stage in this industry, not only because of its market potential, but of its tourist appeal and because it is the largest country in South America," he added.

Finally, Sergio Ricardo said that when he visits events like the G2E in Las Vegas, he is always taken by a variety of feelings, but the hope and confidence in the potential of the activity end up coming out.

"I see with a lot of hope. Whenever I go to a congress or event of the gaming sector I feel first a little sad for not having a legalized activity, then indignant asking me, 'why has not this been done yet?' and lastly very hopeful because I know that it is a commercial activity that generates millions of jobs, income and taxes everywhere in the world, "concludes Sergio Ricardo de Almeida.

Source: Exclusive GMB