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During electoral campaign

Family linked to jogo do bicho supported Bolsonaro son in Rio de Janeiro

The Abrahão David family, known in the State of Rio for the relations with the popular jogo do bicho, decided to support the family of the presidential Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). Last August, the candidate's eldest son, state deputy for the same party, Flávio Bolsonaro, campaigned for the Senate in Nilopolis, the family's stronghold for decades. The electors of Rio de Janeiro elected him on Sunday (7) for the Senate. He promised to generate large-scale jobs.

The agenda included walking alongside the mayor of the city, Farid Abrahão David (PTB), brother of the jogo do bicho operator (bicheiro) Aniz Abraham David, the Anísio. Flávio Bolsonaro, a Senate candidate, campaigned and had a private meeting with two family members involved in the game. Also participated the federal deputy Simão Sessim (PP-RJ), cousin of the bicheiro. In images published on a social network of Flávio it is possible to see the son of Bolsonaro walking on the city sidewalk between Farid Abrahão and Sessim, who wear stickers on the chest with the number of the candidate for senator.

The day of Flávio Bolsonaro in Nilopolis also included a private meeting with both two and members of the city hall - the reunion was announced on a social network of a city secretary.

The David and Sessim families are very influential in the Rio de Janeiro’s region Baixada Fluminense, especially in Nilópolis. Sessim, since 1979 in the Chamber, has been affiliated to the UDN and the Arena. With the re-democratization, he remained in the conservative field.

Flávio Bolsonaro's other companion in the walk was Anísio’s brother, Farid Abrahão, who defended the gaming legalization in Brazil. According to him, the resources collected with the activity could be used in the areas of health and safety.

The press office of the mayor of Nilopolis said that "Mayor Farid has a great relationship with Flávio because they were deputies together. They met at the fair and walked together because they are friends."

Flávio Nantes Bolsonaro, 37, was born in Resende, in the south of the state. He is a state deputy in a fourth period and served in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, in the chair of the committees of Public Security and Police Affairs; of Complementary Constitutional Legislation and Codes and of Civil Defense.

He was also an effective member of the Commission on Human Rights and Citizenship and chair of the Special Family Planning Commission.

During the Senate campaign, Flávio Bolsonaro pledged to work to reduce the age of criminal responsibility and to reduce the bureaucracy of legislation to facilitate entrepreneurship and large-scale job creation.

Source: GMB / Estadao