SEG 17 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018 - 09:13hs.
Deputy Herculano Passos, re-elected to Brazilian Chamber

"Gaming legalization is a plausible topic to be appreciated later this year"

In an election in which the Chamber of Deputies was renewed by47.3%, Deputy Herculano Passos (MDB-SP), who created and chairs the Tourism Front (FrenTur), was re-elected to the position of parliamentarian and will continue working in the sector. 'The gaming legalization is ready for plenary and there is total goodwill from the Ministry of Tourism and also the Presidency of the Republic,' conjecture Herculano, who is in favor of casinos at resorts to promote tourism.

Less than 24 hours after the outcome of the first round of the 2018 elections, the tourism industry can celebrate the re-election of its biggest supporter in the National Congress. Herculano Passos (MDB-SP), president of the Joint Parliamentary Front in Defense of Tourism, was re-elected to the position of Federal Deputy and has already stated that he will continue working for the sector.

"Since I took up this first term, I raised the tourist flag because it was already something I worked for as mayor. This is the sector with more space to grow in Brazil and that has a huge potential of generation of employment, collection and income," he defended.

As a result of the election, the Tourism Front will also have a renewal of more than 50% of deputies and senators. Of the close to 230 members, 111 were re-elected. So, at the beginning of the next term, we will seek new participants from the elected parliamentarians this year. In my opinion, this renewal, coupled with the experience of those who have been re-elected, should oxygenate our Front, benefiting the sector," predicts the President of FrenTur.

In the priority agenda of the Tourism Front, this year is also the Project of the General Law of Tourism and the increase of foreign capital in airlines. They are scheduled for this Tuesday, 09, but run the risk of not being discussed, as there are Provisional Measures that may obstruct their analysis.

"I do not know if this year, but certainly the next one, we will return to discuss the question of the transformation of Embratur into an agency. And I dare say that the legalization of the gaming activity is also a plausible subject to be appreciated later this year, since it is ready for plenary and there is total goodwill from the Ministry of Tourism and also the Presidency of the Republic," Herculano conjectures.

Source: GMB