SÁB 20 DE ABRIL DE 2019 - 09:58hs.
Meeting in Brasilia

Brazilian Gaming Institute and BMM Testlabs offer support to Finance to regulate betting

One day after his speech at the successful Online Gaming Summit (OGS) in São Paulo, the Secretary of Fiscal, Energy and Lottery Monitoring, Alexandre Manoel, began receiving the first signs of support and collaboration from companies and organizations to create the framework regulation of sports betting. Representatives of the Brazilian Gaming Institute (IBJ) and BMM Testlabs held a meeting with him at the Ministry of Finance.

Alexandre Manoel (Secretary of Sefel / MF), Edson Americo (Director of the Brazilian Gaming Institute) and Marzia Turrini (BMM Testlabs Senior Vice President for Europe and South America) participated in the meeting.

In general, the conversation revolved around the support for the new regulatory framework for Sports Betting in Brazil that the IBJ and the independent certification laboratory could give to the Ministry of Finance.

The meeting took place one day after OGS Brasil 2018, an event organized by Clarion Events at the Pacaembu Stadium in São Paulo, which brought together operators, product and service providers, regulators and authorities to discuss the current scenario and future regulation of the online gaming and sports betting sectors in Brazil. At the evento, both Manoel and Turrini were speakers.

The PM 846, approved by the Deputies and Senators chambers and awaiting the imminent presidential sanction, legalizes fixed-odds betting (sports bettings) in Brazil and grants SEFEL two years to create the regulation with an option to an extension of two more in case ymore time is needed.

It is speculated that these meetings with organizations and companies are just the first of many since the OGS itself demonstrated the enormous interest of the big companies of the international market to approach Brazil to invest, and provide knowledge and experience for the new scenario that arises.

Source: GMB