SEG 24 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 20:20hs.
PL 186/2014

Gambling bill project not inlcuded in Brazilian CCJ agenda for this Wednesday

At the moment, the incumbent President of the Brazilian Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJ), Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), did not include in the agenda for next Wednesday (21) session the Senate Bill 186/2014, which regulates the operation of gambling. It has been scheduled in order 1 in the last sessions of 2017 and in the first of 2018, two weeks ago, when Anastasia himself decided to withdraw it. The rapporteur, Bendito de Lira, was absent from that meeting.

GMB spoke with the secretariat of the CCJ, who informed that PLS 186/2014 was withdrawn from the agenda by the president at last meeting of the commission on February 7, at the request of the Senator, Rapporteur Benedito de Lira.

The advisor of Bendito de Lira justified to GMB that the request of the withdrawal of the agenda was made because the senator was not in the country in the day of the meeting due to a private trip. However, he assured that there will be no changes or a new study of the report that has already been prepared by the parliamentarian and that the senator will be present at the next meeting of the CCJ.

Both the secretary of the CCJ and the advice of Senator Benedito informed that the return of the proposal to the agenda of the meetings of CCJ is in charge of the chairman of the commission, Senator Antonio Anastasia, who replaces Edson Lobão, on leave for health problems.

The gaming bill project has been under review by the CCJ since December 2016 when the request of Senator Magno Malta was approved in plenary requesting the analysis of the matter by the commission. In addition to the CCJ, Senator Ciro Nogueira's bill has already passed the Economic Development Committee of the Senate, where it was unanimously approved.

Source: GMB