TER 25 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 02:53hs.
Pompeo de Mattos

Brazilian deputy defends gaming law in Plenary and asks that it be voted on

Author of the project that turns the popular local jogo do bicho into a municipal lottery, deputy Pompeo de Mattos from Rio Grande do Sul (PDT), says that the measure will generate dividends for the municipalities with the incidence of the Tax on Services of any Nature that, according to him, will be destined to health and education. He remembers that illegal gambling already exists in Brazil and that the legalization of casinos will boost the generation of jobs.

Speech by deputy Pompeo de Mattos at the House Plenary:

"First, I will talk about the legalization of jogo do bicho, bingo, casinos, and finally, about the regulatory framework of games, and its legalization.
I participated in the Special Committee that dealt with this topic. We debated several projects, three, including my own. First, we discussed the project that legalizes the jogo do bicho, the oldest popular game played in Brazil, from Brazil Colony, that the whole country plays.
In all the States, in all the Municipalities, in all the localities, there is a bicheiro (operator of jogo do bicho), all the informal structure, that does not generate tax, that has no control and that exists on the basis of citizen's trust. And it goes well, very well. However, in not being legalized, regulated, it can be distorted. So I want the legalization of jogo do bicho and presented this project. Legalized, it will affect the ISSQN - Tax on Services of any Nature, and the funds collected go to the Municipality and, then, to health and education. So the bicheiro becomes a businessman, an entrepreneur who will generate employment, income, and will improve the quality of life in your city.

The same thing happens with the bingo game. We want its legalization. It is also a reallity. Brazil plays bingo. There are clandestine bingos in many places. I just do not give the address here so as not to create any more constraints. But everyone knows.
In fact, it is good that the authorities have this understanding, the least of rationality, because illegal gambling exists.
What we want is to legalize the bingo game, to give it transparency, inspection, control of the Federal Revenue, State Revenue, Municipal Revenue, Police, Public Prosecution, Judiciary, Citizens, Citizenship. What is the problem? It seems that they insist that gaming is clandestine to feed other things. Stop it. Let's wake up!

And the same is with casinos. There is no problem in legalizing them. The whole world has casinos. What is the problem in Brazil? None. We will legalize, fiscalize, generate jobs, income, generate, to sum up, so that there is control of the state, control of state forces. This is fundamental for the country.
So I defend the legalization of the activity and I ask the President to put in vote the opinion presented to the group of projects that the Special Commission of the Regulatory Framework of Gaming in Brazil has approved and is ready to be voted on. "

Source: GMB