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Merkur records continued success at ICE Totally Gaming

At recent ICE Totally Gaming edition, Merkur Gaming and the entire Gauselmann Group presented a true ‘gaming experience’ as visitors from around the world gathered to see new games, new cabinets and new innovative solutions. “Our ICE success story is continued: more clients, more visiting jurisdictions and even greater market penetration,” comments firm’s executive Athanasios ‘Sakis’ Isaakidis.

The ‘gaming experience’ was what the Gauselmann Group had promised ahead of the show. With Merkur Gaming leading the line and joined with Group subsidiaries Cashpoint and XTiP, edict, epg, GeWeTe, Blueprint Gaming from the UK and Spain’s Merkur Dosniha “all under one Sun” the promise was delivered in full … and in great style.

Taking pride of place on the Merkur booth was a specially tri-theme area of gaming worlds, presenting games that took their inspiration from Egypt, from Asia and from the ever popular Fruit games sector.

Brand new at ICE were the game creations of Merkur Gaming Americas Las Vegas based subsidiary, Sunshine Games. With a rapidly expanding game range that is ‘made in America, by Americans and for Americans’ the Sunshine Games portfolio will help spearhead Merkur Gaming Americas 2018 entry into United States markets.

In all, the Merkur Gaming display at ICE featured more than 100 games that together illustrate the depth of innovation and creativity that marks Merkur Gaming as a world leader. Great games deserve and demand great cabinets and, alongside the established stars Avantgarde, Avantgarde Trio, Merkurstar and Evostar (all of which are also available in Merkur Gaming’s elegant matt Black Series) ICE showed the launch of a brand new product designed specifically for the needs of the high street, gastronomy and mass market sectors: the G-Box.

Also on show at ICE was the all new Merkur Gaming Curved cabinet that will have its international launch during 2018. Sleek and stylish, the Curve offers a new highlight of the Merkur product portfolio and this was a presentation that attracted huge interest from visitors to the Merkur Gaming booth at ICE.

One real highlight of Merkur Gaming’s ICE 2018 was the visible increase in overseas visitor numbers. From all over Europe (including particularly eastern Europe), Africa, Asia and both the United States and countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, interest in Merkur Gaming was at an all time high and the show itself was described by senior executives as being the best ever in its history to date.

Merkur Gaming’s Chief Executive, International and Head of International Product Management Athanasios ‘Sakis’ Isaakidis summed up ICE 2018 and the Merkur Gaming experience by stating: “Our ICE success story is continued: more clients, more visiting jurisdictions and even greater market penetration.”

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