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Johnny Ortiz, company’s founder and president

"We have transformed Zitro into a global casino supplier"

(Exclusive GMB) - Founder and president of Zitro, Johnny Ortiz, is very pleased with ICE's results, both from the business side and the new posture of the company. 'It was the best edition not only because we were able to close more deals than ever, but especially because we have transformed our company into a global casino supplier.' About the Brazilian market, Johnny is categorical: 'I don’t know when the regulation will happen, however, Zitro is ready for when that moment arrives!”

GMB - How was ICE London for Zitro?
Johnny Ortiz - This year's ICE was an incredible event for Zitro. We introduced a lot of news and, who visited our booth this year was deeply impressed by the change that Zitro made in just one year. Our line of Bryke video has grown exponentially in recent months and we have shown several progressive multiplayer banks such as Link King, Link Me and Guns & Gold, which made a real difference not only in our booth but throughout the show thanks to its gorgeous presentation.

With the extremely positive feedback we got from our customers and the excellent results from the other Bryke products already on the market, we are very excited that these new products will increase the confidence that operators are placing on Zitro machines. Of course, our world-leading videobingo product also had its special place in our booth, as well as our Zitro Interactive online division with the social and real money offering. Zitro is now a global supplier and this has been more evident than ever at ICE this year.

The company has conquered more markets and customers. How was that reflected on your exposure at ICE London?
Again, the offer we presented this year was very different from what we presented last year at ICE. This resulted, on the one hand, in a larger space that we needed this year to be able to fit everything in one booth and, on the other hand, a larger number of visitors, especially the first time visitors, since now we can get to many more markets than we used to reach with videobingo.

What were the main novelties exhibited by the company during ICE?
As I mentioned, we present several new products that have made their world debut at ICE London. The progressive multiplayer bank Guns & Gold; the best progressive experience Link King, the hottest multiplayer progressive bench with the special "Strawberry-Bite-Feature" Link Me; and the new Hot Deal multiplayer series. All of these games were featured in the spectacular Fusion cabinet, which stands out thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, ultra-slim design that takes up less space on the casino floor, as well as its ergonomic design that has proven to increase players' time in our devices.

Everyone has commented that ICE 2018 was the best edition of all time. Do you agree?
Of course we can only speak for ourselves and after what I just said, yes, for us, it was the best edition of ICE. But not only because we have managed to close more deals than ever before, which is also a real reason, but especially because we have announced that we have transformed our company into a global casino supplier, and this has now become evident. Every member of the Zitro team, regardless the country, department or project they are involved, contributed to what Zitro is today and I could not be more proud for what we have achieved. But while ICE has been great, what's to come in 2018 will be even better. We just started!

The market recognizes Zitro as one of the most important companies in the gaming industry today. How did businessmen approach the company during the event in search of information about the upcoming regulation of the sector in Brazil?
Everyone is very interested in knowing what the future will bring to Brazil and, of course, we too! However, the decision on the gaming industry in Brazil is, and must be, in the hands of the country's political leaders. We trust that the solution they will find will be a fair and clear one, which will mean a profit for all stakeholders in this business, as well as for the entire population of the country.

Do you believe that regulation is really close?
The regulation was very close to happening many times before and, unfortunately, I can not know when a final regulation will actually happen once and for all. However, what I do know is that Zitro is ready for when that moment arrives!

Source: Exclusive GMB