QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 13:02hs.
Senator Benedito de Lira, proyect’s rapporteur

"I will work to have the gaming law voted next week"

Brazilian Senator Benedito de Lira (PP-AL), the rapporteur for the project that regulates gambling in the country, assured that he did not give up the matter and that he will work to have it voted by the collegiate body next week. The senator had already asked not to include the issue in the last session and told the Political Broadcast that he will no longer make any changes to the text: 'All that had to be done has already been done.”

According to the Senator, the resources from collection of taxes with the activity can only be earmarked for Social Security. "In the first moment it was for health, education and public security, except that in a second moment I saw that the constitutional text is exhaustive: Social Security," he said.

Proposals that legalize gambling have been going through Congress for years. Parliamentarians are currently divided into two main groups: those favoring the general legalization of all gambling, including bingos and jogo do bicho, and those who want to legalize only resort-integrated casinos. According to De Lira, the extension of the project will be defined by the regulation.

There are two projects currently underway on the subject. The rapporteur of the House proposal, Guilherme Mussi (PP-SP), has already anticipated that the MPs should wait for the analysis of the Senators to, from then on, promote any changes in the text. "I was waiting for the Senate issue, which seems to be a bit more advanced," Mussi said. "In the House there has not been many changes (the proposal has been going on for 27 years). I do not see any kind of advance or conversation. I'm waiting for the Senate project, which seems to be a bit more advanced," Mussi said.

The MP advocates the release of various types of gaming. "We need to also discuss bingo regulations (with criteria and restrictions) and we also need to put the reality of jogo do bicho on the table, which has a sale point working in the corner where you are right now," Mussi added.

The president of the PP, Senator Ciro Nogueira (PI), author of the proposal in the Senate, also is in favor of the total liberation and is aligned with the coreligionist. "There is no point in covering the sun with a finger and banning something that already exists. Brazil is one of the countries where there is more betting in the world. There is no point in allowing only the casino, because other games will continue to exist in an illegal way," said Nogueira.

The president of the Chamber, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), on the other hand, favors the legalization only of casinos integrated to resorts. In his evaluation, in addition to generating revenues for governments, resort casinos have the potential to generate jobs, helping to reduce unemployment in the country.

Senate President Eunicio Oliveira (MDB-CE) has no "prejudice" against the proposal. He believes that it would facilitate approval if resources from taxes were earmarked for Public Safety.

Source: GMB / Broadcast Politico