QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 13:00hs.
Peter Nikashin, Play’n Go Marketing Manager

“Our hunch is that the Brazilian market will start to open later this year”

(Exclusive GMB) - Play´n Go had a very positive presence at recent ICE event in London, where it showcased its omni-channel capabilities with the new platform OMNY. Focusing on new business options, firm’s Marketing Manager, Peter Nikashin, talked with GMB about the future Brasilian market. “With our global outlook we’ll do all we can to ensure a strong presence in it,” he said.

GMB - Is the company following the gaming legalization process in Brasil?
Peter Nikashin - We’re continuously monitoring the regulatory positions of several territories, and Brazil is no different. There’s a long way to go, and nothing is confirmed yet, but our mood is a positive one and there seems to be a want for more gambling friendly legislation in the country. Play’n GO already has expertise in Latin America, and our team in the region is in constant contact with regulatory bodies and other sources in the region, ensuring we are up to date with any new legislative developments.

How do you see it?
The size and political structure of Brazil certainly doesn’t make the process a straightforward one, but as we’ve seen across various other territories in the region, only an in-depth analysis of the market and the repercussions of legalising gambling on it will result in a successful, fair gambling environment in the long run.

We’re more than happy to work with stakeholders in Brazil and share with them with legislative experience from several other territories around the world. At present, key decision makers are happy to have an open dialogue with suppliers and operators, and so long as this continues we will remain upbeat about an opening of Brazil’s gaming market.

Do you consider the country will finally have a regulated market?
If I were to be pushed, I’d say yes, and I’d also say sooner rather than later. Our current hunch is that the market will start to open later this year, although with the nature of such massive legislative change and the intricacies of Brazil’s cultural and legal systems, this could shift at any moment. If it does, we’re ready to work with the regulators and early operators in the territory with resources already in place on the continent.

Does the company have plans for the Brazilian market if it is finally legalized as it is expected?
Yes. We’ve been planning for this eventuality for months, if not years. Provisional agreements are in place with a variety of partners in the region, and these will be triggered as soon as we have confirmation of the nature of gambling legislation in the country. Brazil has the potential to be one of the largest revenue generating territories in the world, and with our global outlook we’ll do all we can to ensure a strong presence in it.

Source: Exclusive GMB