SEX 19 DE JULHO DE 2019 - 10:01hs.
Ramón Aznar, general diretor

"Vaprel will show all its potential for new Brazilian market at BgC"

(Exclusive GMB) - Ramon Aznar, general director of Vaprel, expressed his opinion on ICE 2018, noting that the Brazilian market was the subject of many conversations. 'Brazil was the star on this occasion, considering that it is an extraordinary country and with tremendous possibilities. We are ready for it and at BgC we will be showing Vaprel’s capacity, as we know the Brazilian market deeply'.

GMB - How do you evaluate recent ICE London edition?
Ramón Aznar - Although it is the most important fair in the gaming industry on this side of the Atlantic (Vaprel is located in Spain), I believe ICE is still lacking in a wider range of exhibitors and perhaps focusing on providing space for suppliers of the sector. What is clear is that large companies are expanding their spaces at the show, which is what is reflected in the market. Still, it seems to me a spectacular fair, where the full potential of the sector is concentrated to give the maximum to each company.

Were exhibitors' marketing actions good for visitors from all over the world that attended the show?
Of course that it was the starting point for companies that introduced new technologies, which is extraordinary. We hope that all the novelties will reach the market soon and benefit the development of the sector.

What news or good contacts did Vaprel make at ICE?
ICE is a catalyst for companies and individuals that allows us, in two or three days, to establish the international contacts necessary to make the time and investment profitable. I believe that once again Brazil was the star on this occasion, considering that it is an extraordinary country with tremendous possibilities.

As one of the companies that performed very well in the Brazilian market for over ten years, how were the contacts with visitors from Brazil and what do you expect for this market in 2018?
The expectations are many. The contacts were very fruitful to prepare the ground pending the approval of a law for the sector. At Vaprel and Vaprel Brasil we are providing everything we need to be prepared from the first day to meet all our customers with the latest technology in bingo, creating the necessary structures to offer a suitable service throughout the country.

Soon we will have the BgC in São Paulo. How will Vaprel be present at this congress?
GMB will receive first-hand news from Vaprel Brasil about this great event that will take place in April in the city of São Paulo. It will be a very important event for our brand.

What are your expectations about industry regulation and how will Vaprel position itself?
It will be important to analyze how, at the end, the bill will be approved to establish the market's basis for each sub-sector of the gaming industry, taking into account that it will still be pending the regulation after the definition of a law, in order to establish the bases of participation of each supplier and operator. Vaprel will adapt immediately to meet all requirements.

Source: GMB Exclusive