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Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, firm’s Group Sales Director

“2018 to be a very exciting year for ITL with Brazil as an issue of great interest”

ICE proved to be a great success for Innovative Technology Limited (ITL) this year, where it showcased its latest innovation: the NV9 Spectral. The firm plans to release many new products throughout the year and waits for news in Brazil. “We’ll use our established facility there to make note validator products that are demanded by the local market,” said in this interview Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, firm’s Group Sales Director.

GMB - What products has ITL presented during the recent edition of ICE Totally Gaming? What were the novelties on the company's stand?
Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed - The NV9 Spectral had it first showing at ICE and is our latest innovation which is predominately aimed at the Gaming market. It is the most technically advanced banknote validator in its class with casino level security features.  Customers visiting the ITL stand at ICE were keen to hear about its optical and mechanical anti-strimming technology which will give operators outstanding fraud protection, alongside extra security features including stained note detection.  The NV200 Spectral was also centre stage at the stand. This is an ideal product for the high-end Gaming market as it is a highly secure and technologically advanced banknote validator. State of the art spectral sensors offer complete note image capture (highest spectral coverage) to authenticate the validity of notes. The unit boasts 99%+ first time acceptance of new and street grade notes with a note to note processing time of 2 seconds.

Our TITO portfolio also attracted great interest on the stand at ICE this year. Customers can choose between a number of high quality ticketing solutions from Innovative Technology, including the SMART Ticket, which is ideal for high volume applications; and the NV12+, a more compact option for operators with limited space considerations. Live Ticket+ from Innovative Technology is the complete solution for any Gaming and Amusement operators intending to implement a TITO system within their business - Ticketing Made Easy. Rather than overspend on brand new TITO-ready machines, Live Ticket+ allows customers to convert any compliant digital or analogue machines to become TITO-capable.   A simple and easy to use interface enables operators to access, in real-time, a full machine audit system including cash and TITO transactions. It allows remote software and dataset updates to cash handling peripherals and the ability to create detailed status reports to assist effective machine collection and fault reporting, all fully configurable.

How did you see the show this year? The organizers say it was the best of the last years. Do you agree?
ICE proved to be a great success for us again this year and we were delighted with the constant stream of visitors to the stand and with the interest our product range attracted over the three days. The visitor feedback we received is extremely valuable and will help us shape our product portfolio to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the industry, creating innovative cash handling solutions that the market need and want.

What plans does ITL have for this 2018 that has just begun? How do you think this 2018 will be for the industry in general and for ITL in particular
We have a very exciting year ahead for 2018 with many new products planned throughout the year.  Some will be next generation improvements to our much-loved core products as well as brand new innovations that will cement our position as one of the market leading providers of cash handling equipment and reiterate our forward thinking, innovative approach to product development.

Our business is part of a rapidly changing industry and the challenge is to stay at the forefront and react quickly to the changes and demands of the market and its customers. The industry is continually evolving, and the use of new technology is at the forefront and a key driver across gaming globally.  Operators are looking to source more complex, secure solutions and cash handling is no different.  TITO is one of the hot topics in the industry and we foresee this continuing throughout 2018. At ITL we have a track record of investing in technology and we pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge products that position us ahead of our industry competitors and we look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Are you closely following the process of legalization of gaming in Brazil? How do they see it?
ITL are continually watching the market and are closely following the process of gaming legalization in Brazil as this an issue which is of great interest to us. We have the capability to react to and increase our range of innovative validation products locally to suit the market demand.

Does ITL have plans for the future Brazilian market in case the sector is legalized in the short term as expected? What would be the first steps to take?
If the sector is legalised as expected, we plan to use our established facility in Brazil to make note validator products that are relevant to, and which are demanded by the local market. We are already supplying ITL products to all South American market from our facility in Brazil and so we are ready to respond quickly and adapt our structure to the changing needs of the industry and the region.

Source: Exclusive GMB