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Bill 184/2016 is still not in agenda

Option of enabling only casinos grows in Deputies on Senate’s passivity

For the second week in a row, the CCJ strangely left out the draft law that was about to be approved by the end of 2017. Given the lack of progress in the Senate, there seems to be more  chances for the Chamber to speed vote on two projects that integrate modernization of tourism sector with some amendment to enable the installation of casinos in resorts (IR) as promoted by the deputy Paulo Anzi.

From the office of the senator and rapporteur of PL 186/2016, Benedito de Lira, assure to Games Magazine Brazil, that they have no idea why once again the president of the CCJ leaves out of the agenda the topic that on the end of 2017 was ready to be voted without further changes or other analyzes.

This delay in the Senate increases the chances that the Chamber will resume its idea of approving the installation of casinos in resorts that President Rodrigo Maia has been holding for some time, along with a significant group of deputies who prefer this option before rather than allowing all gaming activities in Brazil as proposed by the law that is in the Senate.

During today’s afternoon, the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies could deal with Application No. 7.109 / 17, which requires urgency for consideration of Bill No. 2,724, of 2015, by Mr. Carlos Eduardo Cadoca, which modifies article 181 of the Law No. 7,565, of December 19, 1986 (it increases the participation of foreign capital with voting rights in air transport companies).

The project includes: the transformation of Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism) into autonomous social service, according to the Sebrae; permission to increase the participation of foreign capital in airlines; and the modernization of the General Tourism Law. And the idea would be to add an amendment during the treatment of this package that enables the installation of casinos in resorts. It is mentioned that gambling halls could also be enabled (formerly called bingo halls).

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia also affirmed that, once he approves the urgency, will guide the voting of the projects in the plenary as soon as possible. However, he made it clear, the rapporteur is Mr Paulo Azi (DEM / BA).

Azi says one of the most controversial points will be the proposal to legalize gambling, but only as casinos built in tourist resorts - one of the proposals of foreign companies to invest in Brazil. The issue was discussed in a special committee of the House, but the approved version also legalized other types of games, such as jogo do bicho and slot machines.

"We will still see how to do this because we will face, on the one hand, the resistance of those who are against the legalization of the activity as a whole and, on the other hand, those who favor a general release," said the rapporteur. "My opinion is ready, but we still need to talk to the party leaders to align the most controversial points."

The Deputy emphasized the importance of moving forward, not only in relation to the future of tourism, but also in relation to the economy of the country. "As in many countries, Brazil needs to have a strong tourism to generate jobs and move the economy. We can achieve this as well as we did with agribusiness. A few decades ago we were grain importers. Today we are the barn of the world. We have huge potential in tourism. With these measures being approved, we will be able to become a power in the sector," emphasized Azi.

Source: GMB