SEX 19 DE JULHO DE 2019 - 10:09hs.
Marcos Marugán, International Commercial Director

"R. Franco will be side by side with our partners and clients in Brazil "

(Exclusive GMB) - After a successful presentation at ICE London, R. Franco claims to be ready for Brazil. Marcos Marugán, firm's international commercial director, says that Franco has strong links with the country for having acted for ten years. 'We’ve been approached by all our partners and by new entrepreneurs, what demonstrates that there is interest. We’ll return soon to Brazil, with innovative products and prepared for this important market to be opened'.

GMB - What assessment do you make of ICE London?
Marcos Marugán - Without a doubt, ICE has established itself as the world's leading reference fair. This year there were so many visitors that we could not attend all as we would like. Here's my excuse for that.

What novelties and good contacts did R. Franco make during the London show?
We presented our entire line to the gaming world. Our platform for both online and offine channels, as well as unique products, where the results of the draws come from physical elements. We gather mechanical elements with software. This is unique in the world and makes a difference in the final offer for the players. They are unique game experiences.

As one of the companies that has performed so well in the Brazilian market for more than ten years, how were the contacts with visitors from Brazil and what do you expect for this market in 2018?
R.Franco is very well known in Brazil, since practically everyone started the operation with our machines. We had all the contacts of when we were operating in the country and with new entrepreneurs. With that, it is a pride to see the good name that Recreativos Franco left in Brazil. They are waiting for us and we will return to Brazil with certainty. We have already shown some unique news that will be destined by R. Franco to Brazil. Customers seek solidity, seriousness and safety in products and brands. We are neither plastic nor recent. We are a company with more than 50 years in different markets around the world.

What are your expectations for the regulation of the gaming industry in Brazil and how will R. Franco position itself?
We will first analyze what the law will allow or approve before acting, since our positioning will be like the one we have always had, side by side with our partners and clients. As a whole, R. Franco is prepared for anything in terms of law, since we have excellent products and solutions to offer. We absolutely have everything and for everyone.

Source: Exclusive GMB