QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 13:03hs.
At Tuesday’s Plenary

Brazilian deputy denounces Ministry of Tourism’s maneuver to legalize only casinos

Parliamentarian Joao Carlos Bacelar said that the articulation of the Ministry of Tourism causes strangeness as it only benefits two states, generating only 20,000 jobs instead of close to 700,000 that will be created with the total legalization of the activity. He questioned who is interested on this and what is behind this move. Finally, in the Plenary was not voted the urgency of the laws for the transformation of tourism in Brazil.

The following is the complete transcript of the speech by Deputy Bacelar:

“Mr. President, Deputies, I come today concerned about the maneuver of the Ministry of Tourism in the sense that, in legalizing various types of gambling, only the legalization of casinos with foreign capital is approved.

Mr. President, this maneuver, by what is said and what is articulated in the House, will take place or be given through the request of urgency of PL 2,724, of 2015, authored by the noble Mr. Carlos Eduardo Cadoca, which raises the participation of the capital with voting rights in air transport companies.

The Brazilian Tourism Promotion Agency (EMBRATUR), PL 7.425, of 2017, and PL 7.413, of 2017, which modernizes the general tourism law, will be joined or joined in this matter.

Mr. President, the first strangeness concerns the fact that this House for more than one year established a Special Commission that discussed with the various sectors of Brazilian society the issue of legalization of gaming. This is my first strangeness.

The second is that I can not understand how they want to approve ten casinos that would benefit only the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo instead of legalizing the different modalities, since the ten casinos will produce only 20,000 jobs in the country and with legalization of the seven modalities, 700 thousand jobs can be created in this country.

Who is interested, Mr. President, just on the legalization of casinos? Who does it matter, Mr President, to maintain the various forms of illegal gambling?

This is the question for the Ministry of Tourism: what is behind this measure of legalizing only ten casinos?

We are against and we will, Mr. President, work obstructing so that this request of urgency is not voted without we know the whole content of the matter "

Source: GMB