SEX 19 DE JULHO DE 2019 - 09:50hs.
Minister Aroldo Cedraz, process’ rapporteur before court

"LOTEX bid receives priority treatment from TCU"

(Exclusive GMB) - Minister Aroldo Cedraz, rapporteur for LOTEX's bidding process at the Federal Court of Audit (TUC) in Brazil, spoke exclusively to GMB about the progress of the work in the technical area. He stated that “the examination of the bidding of Lotex by the TCU received priority treatment, without delays. After the auction, the TCU will still be connected with the inspection bodies of the service, assessing if they will fulfill their role.”

GMB - Explain to us what is analyzed by the TCU in a bidding process like that of LOTEX?
Aroldo Cedraz - The TCU examines the technical and economic-financial feasibility studies, as well as the terms of the bidding document and draft contract and the acts of the bidding committee, as foreseen in Law no. 9491/1997.

We recently heard that the court found some points of disagreement in the LOTEX bidding program drawn up by the BNDES and SEAE of the Ministry of Finance. What are these points and why does the TCU understand that these factors need further clarification?
So far, there is no definitive assessment of the TCU on the matter. Lotex's technical and economical-financial feasibility studies are lacking conclusions, which are under examination in the technical area of the TCU.

The LOTEX auction was scheduled for the end of 2017, has been postponed to the beginning of this year and there have already been reports that the auction date may possibly go to the second half. As a consequence, can TCU adopt procedures that expedite the process and avoid further delays in bidding?
The examination of Lotex's bidding by the TCU received priority treatment, according to internal rules. There was no delay.

Has the TCU followed the discussions promoted by the State Lotteries around the promise of exclusivity in the exploration of LOTEX that is made to the winner of the concession in the bidding project? Will this point be the subject of more careful analysis?
There is no conclusive position on the subject so far.

After analysis and approval of the bidding of LOTEX by the TCU, what will be the role of the TCU in overseeing and monitoring the service that will be provided by the winner of the auction?
The direct supervision and monitoring of the Lotex concession is attributed by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Finance. It is the responsibility of the Court to monitor the performance of the bodies that oversee the service in order to verify that they adequately fulfill their role and are provided with sufficient structure and tools to carry out their final activity.

Besides LOTEX issue, there are two projects underway in Congress that deal with the legalization of gaming activity in Brazil. What is TCU's position on the regulation of gaming? Do you believe that a legalized and regulated activity could benefit the country, especially with regard to the Union's accounts?
Considering that the subject is democratically under discussion in the National Congress, it is not up to the TCU to give its opinion on the subject.

Source: Exclusive GMB