SEX 19 DE JULHO DE 2019 - 09:00hs.
Following statements by Minister Cedraz to GMB

Brazilian SEAE confirms intense exchange of information with TCU on LOTEX

On Monday afternoon, after the publication of GMB's exclusive interview with minister Aroldo Cedraz, LOTEX's rapporteur at TCU, in which he states that the matter received priority treatment from the court; Brazilian SEAE (Secretariat of Economic Monitoring) issued an official note stating that the bidding process of LOTEX follows the planned steps, which has cooperated intensively with the work of the TCU and that the new lottery concession auction is expected to be even in the first half of 2018.

Check out the complete note from SEAE:

“The process of granting the Exclusive Instant Lottery (LOTEX) is underway, within the planned stages and following the rite of control that a privatization initiative requires. The concession will be by means of an auction, with the winner being the one that offers the Union the highest grant value to operate this lottery in the next 15 years, throughout the national territory.

It is expected that the auction will be held in the first half of 2018, with the submission of closed proposals, by companies with proven experience in the operation of instant lottery in the main global markets.

B3 (formerly BM & FBOVESPA) was recently hired, which will be responsible for the auction. At the same time, the process is under review by the Federal Audit Court (TCU), pursuant to Normative Instruction 27, essentially for the examination of the technical and economic-financial feasibility studies, as well as the bidding, draft contract and the acts of the bidding committee. This oversight has occurred with an intense exchange of information between that Court of Accounts and the Ministry of Finance, in the position of being responsible for the coordination and monitoring of LOTEX, and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), as manager of the granted.

After the manifestation of the TCU and the analysis of the bidding document and the draft contract by the Attorney General of the National Treasury (PGFN), the notice and the concession contract will be published. After this, after 60 days, the auction will be held, within the estimated term of the first half of 2018.”

Source: GMB / SEAE