QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 12:48hs.
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ICE Africa launches in London

Over 300 gaming industry professionals attended the launch of ICE Africa which was held yesterday, on the opening day of ICE London, with the presence of Tristan Kaatze, Director of Casinos Sun International; John Kamara, Director of Global Gaming Africa; and Kate Chambers, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming.

Commenting on the launch of ICE Africa, Kate Chambers, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming, said: “Whilst the scale of ICE Africa will not be the same as ICE London, we will be bringing the same level of commitment, thinking, creativity and professionalism. We launched in Africa following requests from the industry for us to develop and organise a professional showcase that the continent could be proud of and tonight’s launch highlights the industry’s enthusiasm for our newest event.”

Response from attendees at the launch was equally positive. Tristan Kaatze, Director of Casinos Sun International, said: “ICE Africa represents a key vehicle to pull Africa together. Historically bigger operators tend to focus on events in Las Vegas and London but Clarion’s commitment to the country highlights that, overtime, the African market warrants the same scale but with new growth opportunities too. The development potential in Africa is massive and this launch shows how much networking potential operators and international companies see in the market.”

Echoing these factors, John Kamara, Director of Global Gaming Africa, explained: “First of all, according to the African Union, Africa is full of brilliance and we want to say to operators to come with us as we walk with you into this emerging market. Having the ICE brand in Africa allows us to showcase the new opportunities in the market from rising GPS to direct international investment and rising disposable income, the potential for operators is huge.”

“The continent represents almost 52 nations with 1.6billion people, 68%of whom are under the age of 27, this is such an exciting market and provides so many different opportunities across the various countries.”

Highlighting his decision to travel to ICE London, Kamara added: “ICE is where everything melts. It's like a giant iceberg where everybody melts together into one pool of business and opportunity. We come here to sell the dream of Africa and ICE is the place to do this.”

Source: GMB / Totally Gaming