TER 25 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 02:23hs.
Stand N3-220

JCM Global offers high-tech developments in London

Larger than life waterfalls, futuristic video cubes, even a video floor are part of JCM Global's dynamic exhibit at ICE 2018. Company’ stand N3-220 amazes and entertains attendees with its line of PixelPRO digital displays and video content that show how operators can unleash their creativity and connect with their customers in fun, modern ways.

With HD and UHD frameless LED screens with industry-leading color contrasts, PixelPRO displays allow for spectacular images and video on a flat, square or even curved surfaces.

JCM's PixelPro displays have HD and UHD frameless LED screens with industry-leading color contrasts allowing spectacular images and video on a curved or flat wall, indoors and outdoors, giving operators the ultimate in flexibility.

PixelPRO MAX displays offer the widest possible viewing angle of 160 degrees while maintaining exceptional picture quality, unsurpassed color uniformity and fidelity. Proprietary RBG wavelengths guarantees vivid colors and rich contrast.

PixelPRO Cubes offer a variable design that can join, stack or hang to produce interesting three-dimensional shapes, such as a Great Wall or a Roman Pillar Railing. The three-dimensional cube designs dazzle audiences with style and video that plays simultaneously or independently on every side, all with a high contrast ratio of more than 4,000:1.

In addition to PixelPRO displays, JCM showcases the world's leading casino transaction technology, including the iVIZION bill validator, GEN5 thermal printer, ICB 3.0 Intelligent Cash Box system, Ticket2Go retrofit ticketing solution and FUZION technology.

Source: GMB