QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 13:02hs.
Stand S6-210

R Franco deploys his battery of innovative products in ICE 2018

The space of R Franco in ICE Totally Gaming is a key point of compulsory stop during these days in London. The Spanish leading company shows innovations, upcoming releases and a wide range of products from the powerful Digital factory that makes a difference in London.

The R. Franco Group presents its entire portfolio of casino, bingo and AWP games along with B2B2C bespoke omni-channel solutions, contents and services:

MULTIXPERIENCE: solution that integrates practically all the available casino products and allows operators to create sets combining those products according to their needs: from a single individual terminal to dozens of them. The player has access to multiple entertainment options from a single position. On this occasion it offers the following novelties:

• New Orion platform with 16 games capacity
• New HUD (selection screen) more intuitive and functional
• Increase of the library with new games:
                -Lucky Drum: roulette with mechanical kick
                -Fast Bingo: Electronic Bingo with 90 ball extractor
                -Olympic Gold: Video-roller game
                -Triple Mask (video-rollers game)

• New furniture
• New Mystery: Sea Level

ISLAND RF21: Vintage look composition with classic roller set oriented to the Irish market. Elegant and simple to play, this time incorporates two new games: Olympic Gold Free Spins and Olympic Gold Big Win.

DICES & DRAGONS: Game based on the ancient Chinese game of Sic-Bo with a physical draw device. Available in single and multi-user configuration with the Sic Bo and Winning Arch games.

BINGO MIX: Bingo multiplayer with 5 games that will be expanded in the future. The player can choose different games without changing the machine.

REAL EXTRA BALL: the revolutionary Bingo Video model with physical or virtual draw selected by the player who now also incorporates the game Neopolis.

CRONOS MULTIGAME: Multigame machine for hotels, salons and bingo halls where the company expands its games library. In addition the opeator can configure which ones to offer to the players in each moment and highlight them as appropriate. It has the new multilevel progressive jackpot called Sea Level.

BEP: Combination between electronic bingo and video bingo with extra real ball. Two levels of fun for the player who competes against other players and against the machine itself.

MASTER JUG: This is the first mixed model of the national Spanish market with physical hype designed for the hotel and saloon industry. Robust, reliable and easy to play, it also comes with a double roller version and in an individual and multi-user configuration.
ON MIX (SERVER BASED GAME): New generation of multigame machine with touch screen available in single and multi-user version, suitable for living room and bingo.

Source: GMB

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