DOM 26 DE MAIO DE 2019 - 10:28hs.
Carlos Cardama – GMB General Manager

Best London ICE edition ever must awaken Brazil

ICE London has exceeded all expectations of the global gaming industry with a spectacular demonstration of high-quality technology, innovation and millions of dollars in business. Carlos Cardama, general director of GMB, atended the event and stated that 'despite being behind and numb due to the lack of activity of this industry, Brazil has to open its eyes to this important economic segment, as it generates wealth, jobs and taxes, much needed for the country'.

I have been part of ICE London since its first edition and this year I am more than surprised. I get embarrassed to see that Brazil is walking behind in the gaming industry and urgently needs to change course. The 2018 edition of the London show brought together more than 450 exhibitors from 65 countries and has already established itself as the best world event of all time.

And these days we had the chance to see a lot of quality and technology for casinos, bingos, sports betting, online, turf and a professionalism that marks an economic segment that moves billions of dollars every year.

And when I talk about exhibition, I do not mean just a showcase of products and services. In the case of ICE London, I am talking about high level business, which makes me think what Brazil is missing out on not being part of this important market, because everything is wonderful due to the strength of a well regulated sector.

Brazil has been discussing the regulation of gaming for many years, and in the last two ones the discussions have reached maturity. But unfortunately some people in our National Congress are still hesitating whether or not they support the activity. Others, if they vote the release only of casinos with resorts or all segments of the activity.

It's time for a serious final discussion looking at the numbers, which do not lie. It is expected that all regulated games can offer to public coffers more than R$ 30 billion (US$ 9.2 bn). And seeing a trade show like ICE, where most companies spent a few hundred thousand dollars on decoration and technical teams, I wonder why Brazil is not moving in the same direction. Only one company like BetConstruct, to give an example, has set up a four-storey booth at the show. Meanwhile, Brazilian parliamentarians are debating whether to authorize the opening of a bingo.

To sum up, being once again at ICE London gives me too much pride, from others, and an immense heartache for us, Brazil, that we are against history in this rich economic sector.

In almost all booths, the speech was the same about Brazil and the main question was why the country does not regulate the activity. Everyone wants to come to Brazil to offer the globally recognized and approved quality of their products and services to generate wealth, taxes and jobs. Brazil has exceptionally creative human capital and can flourish a high-level national industry. At ICE we saw this in some booths of companies with Brazilian DNA.

Congressmen, let’s regulate the sector. Let's be direct and implement once and for all a transparent and serious law for the activity. Brazil will stand out for all its potentiality.

Carlos Cardama
GMB General Manager