SEG 14 DE OUTUBRO DE 2019 - 12:15hs.
“Third-Party Interface”

GSA releases new tech standard for online gaming sector

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) has created a new technical standard -known as “Third-Party Interface” or “TPI”- for the manner in which iGaming platforms, remote game servers, and progressive jackpot controllers can work together. TPI is available for licensing by association’s members and non-members.

The standard covers functions including the launching of games, the recording of monetary transactions, the posting of progressive contributions, the awarding of progressive jackpots, and for “reconciling interrupted games”, the association said this week in a press release.

“From a layperson’s perspective, GSA’s TPI Standard greatly enables operators to get access to new content; to retain current players; and attract new players, keeping them from defecting to other online casinos,” added the association.

The new specification is said fully to support online gaming operations that serve multiple jurisdictions, allowing the activity associated with each jurisdiction to be “easily isolated and reported”.

“This is a major step forward for the gaming industry generally and for the online gaming sector specifically. Further fulfilling GSA’s 20-year mission of enabling interoperability, innovation and unleashing creativity, our TPI Standard streamlines the very essence of the iGaming platform and kicks the door open for more game content suppliers,” said GSA President, Peter DeRaedt.

“This is a win for operators who want to better service their customers with a continuing stream of new content; it’s a win for platform providers who can cut integration time and support costs; and it’s a win for content suppliers who can now more easily reach the marketplace,” said Mark Pace, GSA Europe managing director, as quoted in the release.

The GSA’s new TPI Standard is available for licensing by members and non-members, according to the association.

Source: GMB