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New sports betting market

Novomatic prepares for the US challenge

The Austrian press echoes the possibilities open to Novomatic in the US after the Supreme Court ruled that the ban on sports betting was incubstitutional. The legalization of the activity in different states will be an immediate reality, and Novomatic is ready. The market “has a potential of billions of dollars,” said firm’s spokesman Bernhard Krumpel.

The possibility for states to enact their own laws that regulate sports betting makes the United States a market that "undoubtedly has a potential of billions of dollars. Therefore, we have a great interest in being active in this segment in the country," Novomatic spokesman Bernhard Krumpel commented.

It should be noted that Novomatic has one of the fastest growing markets in the US after operations such as the acquisition of the Australian giant Ainsworth's machine division, which is well positioned in the US.

Recently, the comany reported revenue of approximately EUR2.53 billion for 2017, up 11.1% year-on-year compared to EUR2.27 billion achieved in 2016. The company said the 2017 tally was the highest annual revenue the company had recorded in its 37-year history.

Harald Neumann, chief executive of Novomatic, said the company in 2018 would be focusing on efficiency, after several years of expansion. “After rapid growth over the last few years, in particular through the acquisition of companies, the time has come to optimise internal processes and structures on an international level. It’s the best way to prepare for the future,” he said.

Source: GMB / Infoplay