SÁB 19 DE JANEIRO DE 2019 - 15:50hs.
Witoldo Hendrich Jr, Online IPS Brazil founding partner

“Virtual currencies trend is unstoppable”

Witoldo Hendrich Júnior, founding partner of Online IPS Brazil, participated in e public hearing promoted by the special commission that analyzes the regulation of virtual currencies in order to seek the best use of tools and technologies. 'If we look ways to prevent transactions related to virtual currencies, we push the operators and consumers to a black market,' he said.

"The movement of virtual currencies is inevitable. It is not possible to stop it and there is nothing that can be done. This creates concern. Because, if we democratically assembled represented by deputies and senators, look for ways to prevent the transactions related to virtual currencies we push the operators and the society, the consumer, to a black market. What at the end of the day is a dangerous market; because we can no longer punish people who act unfairly and outlaw, we lose control. So my first message is that this is something we will not be able to stop," said Witold during his presentation.

In addition to Witoldo, Gabriela Vieira, Legal and Operations Director of PrimeiroPay Latin America, also participated at the public hearing.

The special committee that examines the regulation of virtual currencies (such as bitcoins) and airline mileage programs (PL 2303/15) is chaired by Congressman Alexandre Valle (PR-RJ), which among other topics discussed the use of devices such as "Arduino", a platform that allows to build prototypes of free board single hardware, and "Blockchain", a technology that aims at decentralizing data as a security measure.

PL 2303/15 is authored by Thiago Peixoto (PSD / GO) and awaits the outcome of the special committee's analysis in order to define the next steps of the procedure within the House.

Source: GMB