TER 20 DE NOVEMBRO DE 2018 - 10:31hs.
US$215 million in 2018 budget

Brazilian President signs bill to transfer resources from sports lotteries to safety

The President of Brazil, Michel Temer, on Monday sanctioned the law that creates the Single Public Security System (SUSP) and signed a provisional measure that directs part of the collection of federal sports lotteries for expenses to combat violence and crime. Minister Raul Jungmann (Public Security) said that he will have another US$ 215 million in the 2018 budget with the entry into force of the provisional measure.

In his forecast, the minister estimates that in 2022 the money passed to the Public Security through the lotteries will reach US$ 1.15 billion, destined to a national fund. The minister said that the National Public Security Fund will receive money raised from existing lotteries and other new ones that are expected to be launched as early as 2019.

According to Jungmann, the MP provides the Extraordinary Ministry of Public Security with "permanent, continuous and predictable" resources. Jungmann said the current ministry budget is in the order of US$ 3.5 billion. "Temer will still be sending new and promised resources to the National Congress, and it's not the US$ 215 million lottery this year," he said in a news conference after a ceremony at the Planalto Palace.

Jungmann said that the MP that creates the ministry, plus a school for postgraduate safety knowledge and a data institute, both national, should be voted on next week in the National Congress.

Source: GMB