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Victor Arias, Patagonia development manager

“The next igaming markets to follow suit and regulate will be Brazil, Peru and Mexico”

Patagonia Entertainment has just become a sponsor of Games Magazine Brasil with the goal to promote its developments both in Brazil and in whole Latin America, a region in which it is positioned as a market leader. In this interview, Victor Arias -firm’s global business development manager- comments on this partnership, the recent purchase of AutoGameSYS and his vision of Latam’s igaming market.

Tell us about why Patagonia Entertainment decided to become a sponsor of Games Magazine Brasil. Why did the company choose it to promote its activities and developments?
Partnering with the hugely popular provides us with the perfect opportunity to keep the Latin American region abreast of company developments as we monitor the ongoing regulation processes in the continent. Patagonia Entertainment has enjoyed a fantastic start to the year as we continue to grow throughout the Latam igaming region.

Patagonia has recently acquired AutoGameSYS? What aspects did you analyze to invest €20 million?
Patagonia Entertainment already had a minority shareholder participation in AutoGameSYS and as a leading technology developer we are always analysing the industry, the markets and of course our competitors. Our strong growth has meant our exposure has also increased, which has meant operators from across the world reach out to us on a daily basis to learn more about our products and iGaming solutions. One common request was whether we were able to deliver a true omni-channel offering.

The regularity of these requests meant we factored this business initiative into our strategy plans. Following in-depth analysis we concluded it made business sense to acquire AutoGameSYS and the investment was completely justified.

Several opportunities were evaluated during the decision process, but it was the AutoGameSYS move that made most sense. It met all our requirements and commercials as it was a flexible engine capable of adapting to a plethora of markets and necessities. The AutoGameSYS platform was developed by an experienced technology team to deliver a solution which gives operators the tools required to build their business successfully.

Today, the industry has a wide selection of iGaming solutions for all tastes and needs, which means the decision to partner with a technology platform provider revolves around the ability to work together to grow each other’s business. Price shouldn’t be the only element to consider. It’s about matching common interests to perform in line with your customers’ operations.

In our case, at Patagonia we don’t call operators clients, they are Business Partners.

Which goals does the company seek after this acquisition?
Our main goal is providing our business partners with the complete mobile solution they desire, an all-in-one engine offering accompanied by our many years’ experience in the iGaming space.

Patagonia Entertainment’s business partners will now be able to work directly with us to gain a full understanding about what key targets need to be hit and the best way to go about these. Teamwork, an open dialogue and sharing knowledge is the most efficient way to help associates.  This framework allows us to build on the recent momentum by providing the best service on the market.

With this operation, does Patagonia's plans to grow in Latin America get strengthened?
This year has been a great one for the business, we are constantly growing and expanding with offices in Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.  Our strategic location has made us an attractive proposition and cemented our position as the market leaders in Latin America.

Our roots and very essence are in Latin America, serving Latin America gaming enthusiasts. We know the local traits and speak the same language to make communication simple for any operators working in partnership with us.

Our innovative technology, coupled with our great business relationships with a number of high end content providers makes our solution the perfect fit to realise the huge potential of the Latin American market.

How do you think the market took this acquisition from Patagonia?
The response from the market has been phenomenal! Our partners are thrilled to be working with a company taking responsible steps to continue global growth. Every partner working with us, will grow with us thanks to a complete omni-channel and full mobile solution.

Does the company have new projects and plans from this operation?
Patagonia Entertainment has big plans and once again the importance will always be based on our flexibility to offer our partners the best technological solutions on the market and improve our capability to offer the best attention and customer service. There is an action-packed roadmap for the remainder of the year and beyond, so watch this space.

How do you see the process of gaming legalization in Brazil? How are current Patagonia's businesses related with Brazil today?
Latam is enjoying a wonderful period where many of the countries working within this area are evaluating regulating our industry. Regulation brings major opportunities for the business and local government as it gives companies the template to work within.

Operating in regulated markets makes things a lot easier, promoting and acting with transparency are synonymous with rapid growth. It is better to know where everyone stands and to ensure the correct framework in in place.

At Patagonia Entertainment, we are completely supportive of regulators and regulations. Another example of this is that we are in the final phase of certifying all our Video Bingo content with top laboratory BMM as part of the requirements needed to offer our technology to licensed operators.

I strongly believe the next iGaming markets to follow suit and regulate will be Peru, Brazil and Mexico and we are ready to adapt to their regulations to ensure we can quickly offer our technology to operators working in the space.

How do you qualify your participation in Juegos Miami and what’s your next stop?
Attending Juegos Miami is a must today following all the changes going on around Latam! We spent the whole event in back-to-back meetings with our current partners and business associates, it was a great venue to discuss the latest news and trends from around the industry.

We also had the chance to meet with some new companies interested in our services. We were swamped with introductions and honestly the days were not as long as we wanted to talk to everybody we wished, we could easily have stayed another week to cover all the opportunities that arose from this event!.

The event came at the perfect time and was an all-around success. We will be communicating some of Patagonia’s developments over the course of the next few weeks around partnerships and product releases.

Now we are getting ready to attend the great Peru Gaming Show on June 21st and 22nd. Here we will be there to meet with our business partners and all of those interested to discover more about how our services can drive growth.

Source: Exclusive GMB