SÁB 25 DE MAIO DE 2019 - 21:19hs.
On Android and IOS

1xbet launches new app in portuguese

With the advancement of technology and the modernization of smartphones, the development of mobile applications has become almost imperative for any betting company. 1xbet is one of the most popular gaming sites in Portugal and now its mobile app is also available to access the betting platform from smartphone on the Android and IOS operating systems in Portuguese.

The 1xbet app is an extension of the 1xbet site. It allows users to continue betting, but also access their account to deposit and withdraw money. The 1xbet app is ready for these operations and ensures total security in the movement of funds. Customers only have to download the application, completely free, and enjoy all its features. Transfers are immediate to an electronic wallet, such as Skrill or Neteller. The Paypal option is not available yet.

1xbet simple and intuitive app

The 1xbet app offers the player an interface as simple as functional and perfectly adapted to the screens of mobile devices. The navigation and management tools are easy and intuitive, even for those who still prefer to bet in the traditional way.

Stream and live games available

The new app also gives access to free stream and live games, just like in a computer. With this feature, bettors can watch and follow their favorite team and bet on live, wherever they are. The new development also allows, in a very fast and simple way, to access the live events. In addition, it is possible to check ranking tables of the competitions and the entire betting history or available money.

The 1xbet app has the same goals as the website, giving the bettor the best possible experience combined with the ease of betting, as it saves time since the menu gives almost instantaneous access and the interface is very friendly for the user.

Source: GMB