TER 20 DE NOVEMBRO DE 2018 - 10:31hs.
Online gaming

Miljugadas owner sentenced by Argentinian court

Argentina has handed down its first conviction of an unauthorized online gambling operator. The accused is an English citizen who has resided for years in Posadas (Misiones province) and created in the country the companies Eligra Solutions and Miljugadas to give the necessary structure to the illicit activity.

“The penalty of three years in prison to Mr. Marshall, who formed the companies Eligra Solutions SRL and Miljugadas SRL to give the necessary structure to the illicit activity, will be suspended due to his lack of precedents,” reports the statement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which hopes that this firt move is the first of many such actions. 

In this sense, Marshall must comply for two years with the following obligations: “set residence, comply with the summons to be made and give notice of departure from the country and the date of his return in case of travel abroad.”

The Prosecutor’s Office informed that in the event of inflicting any of these measures, “the conditionality of the penalty will be automatically revoked, proceeding to its capture and transfer to the corresponding jail for the effective enforcement of the prison sentence.”

Public Prosecutor Martin Lapadú celebrated the “unprecedented” conviction, calling it “a great incentive to deepen the investigation of more than 180 cases of illegal websites, for which we already obtained more than 130 court orders” requiring local internet service providers to block the offending domains. Lapadú name-checked Spingol.com and Misionbet.com as domains that have been similarly targeted.

Source: GMB / 5star.media