QUA 26 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 12:52hs.
In Buenos Aires province

Argentine operator Boldt is excluded for control of five casinos

The Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos of Buenos Aires (IPLyC) formalized a resolution by which it left out of competition for the operation of the slots to the company Boldt, in five of the seven gaming venues submitted to the tender. The company, which for 23 years almost alone managed the slot business in the casinos, was set apart due to technical irregularities.

In this way, Boldt was excluded from the dispute to continue controlling the halls of the Central Mar del Plata and Monte Hermoso casinos, where it competed against Casino de Victoria SA.

The same fate ran for the second round of the tender, which includes the slots of the casinos of Tandil, Miramar and the Hermitage of Mar del Plata, where Boldt competed against the UTE conformed by Bingo Oasis de Pilar and the company of Misiones province Entretenimientos Saltos del Moconá.

Now, Boldt can only continue in the race in the first of the three groups of casinos in which the Province divided the bidding process. There it had presented itself in solitude to continue operating the Trilenium casino, although it was objected to what was proposed in Article 10, the State Prosecutor's Office recommended not to proceed with the withdrawal.

"The State Prosecutor stated that it was attending the objector's reason, considering that the requirement set forth in Chapter II, Article 10 of the Specific Terms and Conditions, has been aimed at evaluating the feasibility of the proposal and the financial attitudes of the bidders. it follows that BOLDT has not complied with the requirements of the Bidding Document on this point," indicates the resolution of the IPLyC.

The regulator decided that the opening ceremony of the second envelope with the economic offers for the Province will be held on January 23, 2019 at 11am in the Meeting Room of the Administration Area of the IPLyC Headquarters.

Source: GMB