SEG 24 DE JUNHO DE 2019 - 20:51hs.
Wilson Witzel

Rio’s governor asks again for gaming legalization to give the state more resources

Rio de Janeiro's governor, Wilson Witzel, warned that the state could get to July without enough money to honor its financial commitments and defended the legalization of gambling in the country as a way to generate resources. The statement was given during the inauguration ceremony of the new state attorney general, Marcelo Lopes.

"If we keep up the pace, without making any contingency measures, without negotiation, we will arrive to July without money. We have a deficit of more than R$ 8 billion (US$ 2.15b), remnants to pay of more than R$ 11 billion (US$ 2.95b), and we need to act. We need to charge for the eviction, we need to collect the active debt. We need to commit ourselves," said Witzel.

The governor also called for efforts to legalize the gamng activity in the country that could directly benefit the state, which is the main entry gate for foreigners in Brazil and the largest domestic tourist destination.

"We are committed to passing legislation that allows for the installation of casinos in the state of Rio de Janeiro. We also have here spaces to host casinos and there are opportunities for that. Just fine-tune the control mechanisms and there will be no problems at all. Certainly, the state will greatly win and will Benefit from it," said Witzel.

He appealed to the state prosecutors so that, together with the Treasury Department, solutions can be found not to arrive at the end of the year with a billion dollar deficit. One of the actions, according to the new prosecutor, will be to enter into leniency agreements with large debtors who are interested in regularizing the situation with the state.

"We are open to all companies wishing to enter into leniency agreements, this is our message and we are already involved with some cases under study. And whoever wants to join and come to the legal field, this is the time. We will help [the State] in tax collection, in combating tax evasion and in reviewing contracts that are currently under suspicion of various non-conformities, arising from the previous management," said Marcelo Lopes.

Source: GMB / Agência Brasil