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The growth of online betting in Brazil

One of the many sectors that has grown in the internet and gained popularity in Brazil is the online betting. Industry experts are confident that the legal pressures that virtual betting faces today must be overcome sooner or later, especially after the passage of Law 13.756 / 18. This article discusses the growth of this market and some explains the main reasons of why this tren is true.

Most of us are connected to the internet in many different ways every day of our lives. Now we are able to do things previously unimaginable just pressing a button. Call a taxi (or Uber?), watch a movie on the cell phone, take photos and upload them in the cloud, pay a bill ... These are just some of the examples of activities that came out of the physical world and entered the great network.

Besides these, one of the many sectors that has grown in the internet and gained popularity in Brazil is online betting. At a time when money is tighter than ever, many of us may wonder why this is the case. However, with an estimate of moving up to 6 billion reais (US$ 1.6b) annually, according to data from the Brazilian Legal Gaming Institute, there is clearly something that draws people into gameing, and this article will discuss the growth of this market and some of the main reasons of why this is happening.

Online betting around the world

It all began on the island of Antigua, when a law was passed that allowed offshore licenses for sports betting operators. More than 20 years laters, the market has a GDP equivalent to that of Costa Rica! Today, the phenomenon reaches over 100 countries around the globe, however, while the pastime is popular everywhere, the online betting scene continues to be dominated by the United States.

Betting online these days is so prevalent that it is a component of most betting news. Online gambling has survived all sorts of misfortunes, including the global recession. Having resisted catastrophes of this magnitude, it is not surprising that industry experts are so confident that the legal pressures that virtual gambling faces today must be overcome sooner or later, especially after the passage of Law 13756/18.

Back in the dark and distant past - the year 2000, to be precise - Betfair was fully convinced that land-based bookmakers would have followed the path of the dinosaurs. As we well know, this has not happened anywhere in the world, nor in Brazil, where the Federal Lottery still moves millions.

Still, the online betting market. And if they could multiply from the humblest of origins to the global domain in just over two decades, what can tell us where we will be in 20 years' time? Place your bets online and see for yourself. But why does the interest in such entertainment grow so much?

It's easier than going to a betting store

If you've ever been a fan of betting before, it's likely that downloading an app or using a betting website is much easier than going to the lottery store near your home. This means that, no matter where you are, you can place your bet and thus do not need to make specific plans to go elsewhere, which is a great bonus.

Generally, we use our cell phones for entertainment these days, whether to surf the social networks or to enjoy games. Gambling is similar to games, and the fact that money is involved simply adds another incentive - and makes it far more exciting than other apps you've played before. In the modern world, it seems we are never happy unless we have something to do to keep us busy, and there is no doubt that gambling sites and responsible gambling can help us with this.

Also, in the current economic climate, there are more people than ever who are struggling to reach the end of the month with their money, and that means many may be looking for a new way to earn some extra cash. Therefore, online betting and other competitions become more popular as they give them the chance to earn some money that will help get out of the present situation.

If you are betting on a physical store and you lose money, you are likely to get up and walk away - since you physically gave away the money you have lost. Online, however, can be quite different, since the money goes directly from your bank account. Therefore, people are more likely to spend money online, which makes betting on the Internet even more popular.

As long as you understand the risks and rules of online betting and have control over your money, it can be a great way to pass the time and enjoy a few hours once in a while. You also have a real chance of earning money that could change your life - so from that point of view it may be worth trying.

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