SEG 25 DE MAIO DE 2020 - 21:24hs.
Hard controls

In Panama it has ensured that casinos are more regulated than banks and administrators

Casinos operating at hotels are the most regulated sector of gambling or business in Panama. Better even than the banks, the administrators of the insurance companies and many others that move more money, and do not have as many controls, as explained by the Asociación de Administradores de Juegos de Azar (Asaja).

Antonio Alfaro, President of Asaja, pointed out to Panama America that it does not command the Supervisión y Regulación de Supervisión y Regulación de Sujetos No Financiero, a Control de Juegos y la Unidad de Análisis Financiero (UAF), money or even to finance terrorism.

Even with Asaja they have tended to have a platform called "Safe Casino", which can be manipulated with controls, since all debts are checked and reviewed by the authority level, secondly, they register in a casino operation in hotels, the same level of control of slot machines.

The casinos in Panama have been taken by the National Commission against money laundering as medium and high risk companies, which is not comparable with the level of control they have, Alfaro said.

That said, last week Asaja signed the Supervisión y Regulación de Supervisión y Regulación de Sujetos No Financiero of Unfunded Subjects to Improve the Systems and Controls that Needed to Be Improved and thus Maintaining a Continuous Communication of Information, with the workshops Continuous training for its employees.

Source: GMB / Panama America