SEG 14 DE OUTUBRO DE 2019 - 12:13hs.
Charles Guedes

Treasury Coordinator was appointed to preside over Caixa Instantânea

According to Estadão newspaper, the company that will concentrate the businesses of the Loteria Instantânea exclusiva (Lotex), of Caixa Econômica Federal, will be chaired by Charles Guedes, who is currently responsible for the general coordination of shareholdings of the National Treasury. Its main mission will be to list the actions of the modality in the Brazilian stock exchange. The newspaper says the February auction will not be held

Two attempts at Lotex auctions have already been made, but none have been successful. The last one was in November and a third is scheduled for next month.

As it is difficult to reach a price consensus, the February 5 auction will certainly not go away, says the newspaper through the Broadcast Column Blog.

The name of Guedes is well-known in the market. In his favor is the fact of acting in the coordination that took care of all the participation of the Union in companies. That is, in addition to knowing them in depth, you know how to sell them.

Lotex is one of the assets that the new management of Caixa will open capital, besides the areas of insurance, cards and management of resources. Wanted, Caixa confirmed the nomination.

Source: GMB