SEG 24 DE FEVEREIRO DE 2020 - 17:03hs.
Erick Feitosa , sports betting professional

"The 2020 calendar of Brazilian football will give more rest to professional punters"

Erick Feitosa is a pedagogue who has become a sports betting professional and currently advises anyone who wants to delve into the activity. On his website, the expert shared a text with his impressions of the changes presented in the CBF's Brazilian football calendar for 2020, from the perspective of a professional gambler who works with national leagues. Check out the full text.

The most important change in the 2020 calendar is the stop of national competitions on FIFA Dates. There will be 10 national team matches spread over 5 periods, from March to November. In the case of the South American teams, there will be eight matches for the Qatar World Cup Qualifiers (March, September, October and November) and two friendly games to prepare for the Copa America (June). What I want to draw attention to is precisely these 5 vacant periods during the year.

As shown in the image below, on average, this FIFA Date period will correspond to 9 vacant days in the national calendar. In the case of June, from 01 to 09, we will not have games of any division (A, B, C and D).                                                

June 2020 calendar of Brazilian football. Source: CBF


What does this mean for the gambler's job?

The first thing that comes to mind is: REST. How does the Brazilian calendar work so far? I will use the year 2019 as an example. From January 13 until December 8, there are no free weekends. All are filled with games. Already midweek, we had only 3 free during the Copa America.

Here it is important to note that the pace of games in Brazilian football is very intense. Basically, we have games from Monday to Monday. It is difficult to find a sequence of free days to rest between matches. A professional gambler working with national leagues needs to cover all available games. After all, it's your job.

Therefore, if this professional does not give up working, he will have practically 11 uninterrupted months of occupation. Virtually no previously established rests. And that can be a danger to a gambler's personal life and professional performance.

By 2020, things will change a lot. Whereas during the period of 9 days in the 5 breaks, the player can rest in 7 days. We will have at least 35 days spaced at 5 times of the year to completely disconnect from work activities. Undoubtedly, the changes in the Brazilian football calendar in 2020 will provide a welcome break for an extremely exhausting job of betting professionally.

Source: GMB/ Erick Feitosa