MIÉ 23 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2020 - 17:39hs.
It was exhibited at G2E

JCM partners with eConnect to bring facial recognition to casinos

JCM Global has partnered with eConnect to further increase security and enhance surveillance through real-time AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting) alerts. “The integration with eConnect further demonstrates that our FUZION technology provides a level of technology and security that no one else can offer,” said JCM’ SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations, David Kubajak.

JCM demonstrated how FUZION is now integrated with eConnect’s facial recognition system to provide more visibility into suspicious cash and TITO transactions across the casino floor at this week’s G2E.

JCM’s FUZION peripheral management system captures images and keeps transaction records of each note and TITO ticket, front and back. FUZION and eConnect communicate in real-time to track and match each transaction to the individual patron through iVIZION CIS imaging, casino surveillance, and facial recognition.

“FUZION is a game-changing technology that continues to deliver unique innovations benefiting JCM’s casino partners. This latest integration with eConnect further demonstrates that FUZION provides casinos with a level of technology and security enhancement that no one else can offer,” said David Kubajak, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations at JCM Global.

“The FUZION secure public API’s allow authorised third-party systems, like eConnect, to access unique, real-time transaction data that only FUZION can provide,” Kubajak added.

“FUZION’s unique capabilities integrated to eConnect’s best in class facial recognition solution has completely changed the way casino operators can identify, review and reduce money laundering,” added Jason Cribbs, VP of Sales for eConnect.

“Suspicious activities are easily discovered by connecting the patron’s face with the alerts from FUZION and ticket redemptions at TRU’s on the casino floor or at the cage,” Cribbs concluded.

Source: GMB