SEG 24 DE FEVEREIRO DE 2020 - 16:58hs.
Deal with organizer firm paiN Gaming

BMW do Brasil announces unprecedented sponsorship in eSports market

BMW do Brasil is the first automotive manufacturer to announce sponsorship to paiN Gaming, an eSports organization, and all its teams. The partnership aims to promote aspects common to both brands: innovation, technology and high performance. The automaker debuts in the eSports world at the BGS Esports grand final with the men's Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.

The partnership's launch video, signed by paiN's inhouse production team, features BMW i3 and BMW i8 models (electric and hybrid), demonstrating BMW's youthful spirit and pioneering vision in the field of mobility and technology, and also features the participation of pro player Gabriel “Kami” Bohm, influencer Ricardo “Piuzinho” and other personalities from paiN.

BMW debuts in the eSports world at the BGS Esports grand final with the men's Counter Strike: Global Offensive team. In addition to a prominent position in its team uniforms, BMW will conduct content actions, events and activations with the participation and image rights of about 50 paiN Gaming pro players and influencers.

“BMW is a pioneer company, which is on its way independently. We reinvent ourselves every day to fascinate consumers and fans with the latest in premium mobility technology. That's why we see a lot of synergy in the partnership with paiN Gaming that, like BMW, delivers adrenaline through technology. We live what we love and we believe that this union will encourage this already one of the most important and electrifying sports on the planet and position us even closer to the new generations that were born in a digital and fully connected environment,” says Jorge Junior, Head of BMW do Brasil Marketing.

Allan Fernandes, paiN's commercial vice president, says the arrival of a century-old, innovative brand like BMW is yet another demonstration of the strength of the eSports market and its importance in global brand marketing strategies. “Brazil is one of the three largest eSports consumer markets in the world, with about 18 million casual spectators / enthusiasts. Receiving the investment of traditional brands that are benchmarks in their segments and technological advances is important to consolidate eSports as fertile ground for connecting with new generations and the future,” says Fernandes.

The partnership promises a series of actions between brands with a young and vibrant approach that will surprise all for their creativity, boldness and use of technological resources.

Source: GMB